Unihertz Titan (Pie) Device Request

No roms are known at this time.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Dear Friends of the Blackberry Option Unihertz Titan :slight_smile:

I see at XDA-developers a post for the Titan, which addresses this issue…

A TWRP or Treble solution for Unihertz Titan is also available.

I have an unused Titan and can provide me as a tester.

The Titan is in my opinion a valid option to port the secure /e/, since it seems that no new Blackberrys with keyboards are delivered anymore.

A great Idea to provide a device with a physical keyboard with the secure /e/ :slight_smile:

Maybe there are other devices with Mediatek Helio P60 MT 6771 CPU, that have already been adapted to /e/

Great Idea, I will support, if I can :slight_smile:
Who will try with me /e/ within Treble as described here?



is there any progress on this? I’m considering buying a Unihertz Titan now that my blackberry has bit the dust, but I’m concerned with some stuff I’ve read about their keyboard app.

Speaking of, if there is a ROM for this device, wouldn’t it require some extra effort to get the keyboard working over your typical android device?

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Hello, I’d also like to add my voice to the support of this device as I’m a huge fan of having a physical keyboard on a device(BlackBerry user). I believe the Unihertz Titan is a unique option on the market that deserves to run e/os.

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I am also interested as I have purchased a Titan to use when my Blackberry Keyone is no longer usable. The Keyone of course does not have the possibility to unlock the bootloader so de-Googling is very difficult if you don’t have very strong technical knowledge. I am hoping that the de–Googling will be easy sometime with the Titan and /e/.

I’d like to own this phone.
I remember my regretted Nokia E5-00

I’d also love to be able to use /e/ on this device, my blackberry passport is still working but Blackberry has killed all network support services. I’m using /e/ at present but would desperately like to have a physical keyboard. I’m willing to help/participate if that is an option? I’ve compiled and used custom linux kernels for x86 but I’ve no background with android or phone hardware - if somebody out there can point me to a howto for building /e/ from source I’d gladly help with this endeavour!

Using anything google is a no-no for me, also as noted pretty serious security concerns exist around the software on Unihertz phones (nice as their handsets are).

I dream of thé Titan !

Have you tried the /e/ GSI? It works on the Unihertz Jelly2 at least, it might just work on the Titan.

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I would like to use /e/ on this device too. I’ve been using it on my Samsung for almost a year now and just the other day I found out about Unihertz Titan and bought it. However, some mental blocking prevents me from going back to a non-degoogled device.

According to this thread in XDA forums, there is no LineageOS build for this device, so an /e/ build is unfortunaltely not feasible.

However this post indicates that it may be possible to run the /e/ Generic System Image (GSI).

Try searching for GSI in this forum for more information