[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia)


Back on /e/ after I’d test a lot of ROMs (from xda) to compare… Will you build an /e/-pie (with last improvements from /e/) ? I can’t do by myself with my old little DELL…

Yes or not, thanks anyway.


Can we hope an /e/-surnia pie based ?

Thanks a lot.

Would be great.

There are already some (stable) Pie-based official roms out:

Hope that inspires !

From @petefoth

I’m very surprised that surnia received an OFFICIAL build of Lineage 17.1 (= Android 10):

[ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 weeklies [surnia]


Here’s a new unofficial, untested build containing the changes for v0.10-nougat. Use at your own risk

Thanks a lot, I will try it soon.

e.recovery inboard ?

I’m afraid I don’t know for sure. I just built with the v0.10-nougat source. There’s no mention of recovery in the release notes so I would guess not

No the eRecovery has not been added to the code as yet. Some issues remain and to be fixed. No ETA for now.

Thanks @petefoth and @Manoj.

Will share after install’ and tests, in a few days.

Woowwww : 600 MB ?

Édith: clean install yesterday from SD (6 times, to test SNCF app’s install), all work fine. But, help (?) in e.browser launch:



Another e-0.10-n-UNOFFICIAL-surnia, working with OpenLauncher and max ‘out of box’ config’:

The problem is, that there are no vendor sources available. In the XDA post only Lineage/device and kernel sources are show, not the needed vendor sources.

Sorry, this not my build, I had installed the e-0.10-n by @petefoth

Surprisingly, there’s an official LOS 17.1, as said above…

yeah, if someone will install the LOS17.1 build and run the extract-files.sh and will send m the sources, I could build eOS-Q for the device.
@petefoth could you do ??

I have to work, now, not any time to install LOS17.1 nightly now :confused:

Perhaps in a few days…
Édith asks : how do you run extract-files.sh (with adb, I think) ?

I’m afraid I can’t help with this. I’m currently on holiday away from my development machine. Also, my wife is now using this phone as her ‘daily driver’ (running Lineage4MicroG 16) and I won’t have access to the phone for flashing and developement.

enjoy the vacation and keep healthy

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Hello harvey186,

I just installed LOS17.1 nightly build and ran the extract-files.sh. Here’s a tarball of the files.


Nice, but:

  1. I don’t know what I should do with it
  2. OMG. … you are storing on goolag drive! !!

Hi, I’m using this build on two surnias here in the UK. Problem is the mobile network does not work properly (SIM cards from Three don’t connect at all, from Tesco connects but data only by EDGE (2G) which is very slow.

The phones were supposed to be network unlocked before flashing /e/.