[Unofficial Build] Poco X3 NFC (surya) eOS - Q

I made a build for the as-of-yet unsupported Poco X3 NFC (Codename surya). I do already use it, but please keep in mind this is work in progress.

md5sum: 1e09a587c4ea64af6872bb3b65b80562
sha256sum: 7d1edb4e2989cb01647b528e0f6a683a91cd042ba33ab9de10106a4b7acd7f5a

Here is what I used:
Unlock Tool: https://www.xiaomitool.com/V2/ (highly recommended!)
TWRP build by mahajant99: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/recovery-3-5-0-0-unofficial-twrp-xiaomi-poco-x3-surya-karna.4168511/
Device/Kernel Sources for Q-Build: https://github.com/gardiol (this will be the LOS 17.1 maintainer later on it seems)

Known issues:

  • for me bluetooth audio is broken

General discussion about LOS17.1 for surya at XDA: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-10-lineageos-17-1-unofficial-surya-karna.4202533/

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Updated build with several upstream fixes:
md5sum: 238427bd51a632b289a8beef69c092ba
sha256sum: 59277eefe94d4e1e3f42311aee966203f0a2230e6fef823c13f8d015b767138f

Builds are now listed here, simply check for the latest date in the file name to find the latest build.

Hello Ralf,

Can you provide build instructions? I want to build the new release for surya from source, but I didn’t find relevant documentation about how to do it!

Hi @abougouffa welcome to the /e/ forum.

We have not seen @Ralf for some time, I hope he will forgive a brief pointer.

Another builder asked a similar question answered with this [HOWTO] Building /e/ ROMs - a Beginner's Guide

And from Post #1 here I think you will find this the device tree

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For people whom still interested in this, there is now an official development build for Poco X3 NFC. I’m using it for a while and it is pretty stable.