[Unofficial Build] Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Mi9T Pro raphael e-OS Q-build

This is a new Q-build for the Redmi K20 Pro/Mi9T Pro.(raphael)
Backup your device and share your experience for other E-users.

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@croc : You should be interested

If a new version comet out, could i upgrade or i should reinstall again?

Then you just can upgrade…

In theory…
In my case it works but after upgrade from new release camera isn’t working anymore and I could not downgrade to previous version …

Rom is working perfectly fine and smooth. Its based on Android 10 though. LineageOS, there is android 11 LineageOS available unofficial.
xda dev link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-unofficial-11-0-raphael-lineageos-18-1.4176901/

It would also be good to have a telegram group. Let me know if there already is one.
Thank You.

Roms seems to be working fine. Side question; is this unofficial rom safe to use as a daily driver and install for instance banking apps? Or is an unofficial build to insecure.

Thanks in advance.

Sure it’s safe to use this build for daily use. The most important thing you have to do is using the authentication (2FA). The Two-factor authentication can be used to strengthen the security of an online account. Most of the time it’s all up to the user how he handles the safety of the internet.
One big difference comparing to the official builds is, an unofficial build doesn’t have OTA-updates (on the air updates)

Thanks for you clear and quick response. I will keep this as my daily driver. Thanks for your work on this! If there’s anything I can do (testing etc) please let me know!

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Hi Zinc,
May be GSI build on this model … It seems to be supported and may be GSI have or will have OTA updates !

Thanks to @itsclarence, I was able to build v0.15 for raphael. Since I don’t have dev status on AndroidFileHost i’m using MediaFire for now (Will update once I do have dev status on AFH).

I’ve tested it on my own device, and it works fine for me. It uses the same kernel, device and vendor as the previous build. So an update worked for me. Though it’s a test build, so always backup your device as things might go wrong. Once stable v0.16 comes out I’m building that as-well.

Known Issues
For some reason, if you have changed the screen size, the camera and other apps (Signal in my case) might not work. Setting the Screen Size back to Default and applying should fix this issue.

Update 01/04/21: Changed the MediaFire link to AndroidFileHost, Enjoy


Bonjour Ă  tous, possesseur du Xiaomi Mi9t Pro (M1903F11G).
Je suis nouveau et intéresse par cette Rom, quand est-il de cette version (retour bug, …) ?
Est-elle toujours maintenue ?
Et est-il envisageable qu’elle devienne “officielle” ?
Va-t-elle évoluer vers une version “v0.16” ?
De même, avez-vous quelques conseils avant de me lancer à flasher mon téléphone ?
De plus, s’il y a possibilité de contribuer… bon je sais pas si je serais d’une grande aide mais bon :slight_smile:
Merci pour votre travail.

Hello everyone, owner of the Xiaomi Mi9t Pro (M1903F11G).
I am new and interests by this rom, when is it from this version (return bug, …)?
Is it still maintained?
And is it possible for it to become “official”?
Will she evolve towards a version “v0.16”?
Similarly, do you have some tips before you walk to flash my phone?
Moreover, if there is a possibility of contributing … Well I do not know if I would be a great help but good: slight_smile:
Thank you for your work.

j’ai enfin franchi le cap…
Un seul problème pour déverrouiller le téléphone, trouver un PC Windows (je suis sous Linux) et installer les pilotes USB Xiaomi (j’ai mis du temps, pour si peu de chose)
1er jour d’utilisation, pour l’instant ça va.
Par contre, je trouve les tuto “comment faire” pas super : pour l’installation de twrp j’ai suivi celui de : Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro et pour installer la Rom, celui de [HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully - #5 by fabien.l14

I finally made it…
Only one problem to unlock the phone, find a Windows PC (I’m on Linux) and install the Xiaomi USB drivers (I took time, for so little)
1st day of use, for now it’s okay.
on the other hand, I find the tutorials “how to do” not great: for the installation of twrp I followed that of: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro and to install the Rom, that of [HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully - #5 by fabien.l14

Thanks. And /e/ OS 0.18 ?