[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra for eOS R and eOS S

So here is the first bunch for the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra /e/OS-r-1.15 and /e/OS-s-1.15
S20 (S20 5G) [x1s]

S20+ [y2s]

S20 Ultra [z3s]

S20 (S20 5G) [x1s]

S20+ [y2s]

S20 Ultra [z3s]

Next challenge is an /e/OS T build…

I did have an S20 5G with LOS-19.1 running on it, so chances are high that the S build works

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here for LOS19.1 (S) and LOS18.1 (R)


Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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So wait galaxy is supported?

If the S20 is not on Android 13 already it should work! For the S20 there exist a LineageOS20 unofficial version, but up to now I did not succeed in building it for /e/OS-T.
I had LineageOS19.1 successfully running on a S20 so chances are really high the the /e/OS-S version is working…

It took a while but here you go, /e/OS-T-1.16 for the S20 (x1s)

How about T for S20+ (y2s)?

you mean “building /e/OS-T for it” ?

yes. But only S20 has unofficial sources and I now a developer who made something. I did a build from his work but do not have feedback if S20 /e/OS-T version really works. For S20+ and S20 Ultra only /e/OS-R and /e/OS-S is available

Does the S20+ build work for the non 5G version (G985F) or just the 5G one (G986U)? or both?

should work for both. I only can confirm working for S20 5G as I only tested this device.

Updates for /e/OS-R and /e/OS-S 1.19:







Update for /e/OS-T only for S20 (x1s):


Okay, i’m downloading the rom, and i will tell you how it is

Everything works now!!!
Settings stopped crashing, and microG is there!!!
I will test it for a week and see if it’s stable

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Yes, please share your experience and tests. I had a S20 (x1s) and its a great phone. At the time I owned it I try lineage 19 and it worked, but as it was clear that development stopped I flashed stock ROM again and gave the phone to my wife

So, i tried the rom for… ~5 days, and i can say that it works perfectly.
Had no problems with stability, no overheating, the battery lasts ~9 hours (~5 hours on OneUi), so, a huge improvement.
Even the performances are really good, i even tried with heavy games, and they work better.
All the cameras works, all the sensors, Bluetooth calls, android never crashed.
It’s really good, probably the best ROM i ever used


I noticed a bug while trying to configure another fingerprint, when i try to add it, it just says “Impossible to configure the fingerprint”

thanks for the roms @ronnz98 !

for anyone else who gets this working on S20+, could you please confirm if fingerprints are working?.

Issues I had on the y2s (S20+)

  1. could not change screen lock type and register fingerprints. error msg “The screen lock type was already changed. Try again with the new screen lock.”
  2. Camera was not available. error message “Failed to Open Camera. Check if Camera is in use by another application. ID:0”

EDIT 2: the eOS 1.19 R version works fine… the issue is only with the S version
Ph: SM-G985 (S20+, Exynos)

Tested LineageOS 19.1 and it works fine on the phone

@ronnz98 do you mind sharing what process you are following to compile the ROMs?
its been a whlie to when I last did it, and i was using the builde.sh script. I assume it would be a little dated now.

Yes sure. I wrote some time ago two how-to’s for Lineage unsupported and supported devices. I prefer the repo way, but I suppose the builds can be adapted quite easily using docker.

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awesome, you’re a rockstar!

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