[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Egde for /e/OS S and /e/OS r

Flashing yes, but no boot again

In there is this part:

zum Booten des Builds, da 3.18-Kernel keine ebpf-Unterstützung haben und diese noch nicht auf einen 3.18-Kernel portiert wurde.

I think anything below kernel 4.4 was considered too difficult to back port and it was kind of the end of many older devices.

What kernels are in your builds, which won’t boot?
Are there just some cherry picks missing, or so maybe?

you’re right. I did not apply the patches. Will try this week to build with patches (R&S version)

For /e/OS-S I could apply the patch and build new. Possibly now it boots?
Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge for /e/OS S-1.15

Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (hero2lte)

I’ve made a fresh installation with e-1.15-s-20230914-UNOFFICIAL-herolte (N°2). Once via TWRP > Install, once via adb sideload and multiple reboots. Each restart ends with the Samung Galaxy S7 Logo. The Sam-Logo remains motionless for minutes. No further reactions. The only way to turn the S7 off is via TWRP > Power off.

Arw sure you took e-1.15-s-20230919-UNOFFICIAL-herolte.zip and not the old one?

Hey, no! I’ve of course installed your latest version e-1.15-s-20230919-UNOFFICIAL-herolte. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Logo stands like a rock in the surf. Nothing moves!

ok just wanted to ensure as above you stated -1.15-s-20230914-UNOFFICIAL-herolte (N°2)…
and new build is e-1.15-s-20230919-UNOFFICIAL-herolte

Hey, yeah - I hear you. It’s good if you think about all eventualities. Nothing is impossible!

Nevertheless - the end result so far is unfortunately as described above.

By the way: I’ve also rooted my S7 in the meantime. For example, when I install a Generic System Image (GSI), it sometimes helps. But with the S7 it did nothing.

hm ok, then I think these build needs more attention for the /e/OS team to run under R or S. I have troubles with T but might try too

Could you share you build script’s and the log? I’m mostly away from any computers for three weeks now but have a tablet in the evening sometimes

Sorry, confirming this for your 2nd build, plus turning off only from TWRP didn’t even work, It had booted back into TWRP and was still in recovery mode, when I grabed it just now.

Now I could turn it off, by long pressing VOLdown & OnOff – it just shows the loading annimation now

just refer to
and the sources are here
I’d put the device, kernel and vendor data in the respective folders. Then did apply the patch
which was successful.
After this is run breakfast / brunch and build went fine. Sorry I don’t have the logs any more

I’d tried now also a T build but got this error which I cannot address. Maybe someone can help?

build/make/core/main.mk:1312: warning:  device/samsung/herolte/lineage_herolte.mk includes non-existent modules in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
Offending entries:
build/make/core/main.mk:1312: error: Build failed.
09:42:17 ckati failed with: exit status 1

The error suggests these things have not been pulled into your environment for some reason. As a first step you might look at lineage_herolte.mk. On my “samsung_device.mk”, this is mostly about these tasks:

# Inherit from those products. Most specific first.
# Inherit common Lineage phone.
# Set those variables here to overwrite the inherited values.

So you might look further into

$(call inherit-product, $(What you find here)

Secondly you get clues, by looking where the libs come from – for instance I recognise libOMX.Exynos.AVC.Decoder from a Samsung__proprietary-files.txt so this one might be some wrong / missing vendor source.

Thanks. Got it! Was one of samsung slsi linearo packages… so lets see how this proceed

Alright. Build was successful. I applied the patch and let see if it works. I assume the chances are low since R and S did not work but let’s see:

Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte):

Samsung GalaxyS7 Edge (hero2lte):

Here are the sources:

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So does it work?