[UNOFFICIAL] Samsung S20+ Exynos e0.21 ROM

HI, this is an unofficial build for the Samsung S20+ phone based on the Exynoobs device tree / code
the only customization was removal of the bromite webview since i couldn’t get it to work.


Is there also a ROM for the Samsung S20 5G available? Is this for Android 11 or even Android 12?

That AndroidFileHost link doesn’t show any files for me. IT takes me to a folder home/Samsung/S20+/johndoe_snmp which is empty

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this is for Android 11. e does not have an android 12 version yet.

I downgraded from Stock Android 12 to Android 11 using ODIN before flashing this ROM.

sorry, that’s weird.
anyways, i have re-uploaded the files, you should see the zip and the checksum file in there now

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Someone on the ‘e public’ telegram group guided me on the build for the s20 plus.
He had built the rom for s20 for his own device.
You could request it on the channel.
I’ll ping him ro potentially publish it on the forums

Would be great if you can publish in the forum. I do not use Telegram

hi @ronnz98 ,
I’ve posted the rom for the S20 on the following link

let me know if you face any issues, the gentleman who provided the ROM is keen to support.

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thanks so much! I’ll give it a try, but must first downgrade to Android 11

I forgot to ask, is this for S20 or for S20 5G version (I have the S20 5G version)

I think 5G isnt currently working on lineage roms.
Though the rom should work, just 5G as a feature wont.

hmm, I cannot downgrade since I cannot find an Android 11 version for S20 5G anymore with SamFirm nor Frija

They only provide latest.
Q10 and R11 for the G980F are available on sfirmware.

Thanks for the overview!
I tried it also with getting from sfirmware the latest Android 11 version for G981B.

However ODIN did complain that the software revisions were different (12 is D and 11 is C) and I could not downgrade

Yeah, tough luck i guess.
I just got lucky with my downgrade…was expecting to hot a similar issue

I was surprised in this case that a Samsung downgrade was successful. Needs reading on from this point ! Downgrading android 12 to 11 on a samsung galaxy s10e and installing /e/ - #4 by piero

… and /How to/ install /e/ R on a samsung galaxy s10e already running android 12

I am afraid it won’t work out if you already have the bit version “D”.

With antirollback protection you can only install firmware which have a bit version equal or higher than the one you already have installed.

For your example, you can only install version D or E …

@aibd , for me it wasn’t the same, I installed a firmware with same binary version (E), that’s why it worked out…

ok, than I think its better to hope and wait until the next linage version is released - hopefully in early April

thank you for sharing.
Do you know a link to a reliable Recovery Manager, ?
( TWRP or Lineage-recovery )

Hi @piero
I used the lineage recovery from the above linked xda post

Tried a few twrp versions but none of them worked for me.

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