Update /e/OS software


Learn to update /e/OS software.

Pro tip: It is advised that you update your /e/OS software in time as it might have some system critical update for you.


  • A phone with /e/OS

Let’s roll.

  1. Open /e/OS Settings and scroll down most to open System settings

  1. In System settings, tap 'Advanced’ to open ‘Updater’ tool therein.

In Updater tool, it should show an update if you didn’t update for a while.

If not then tap ‘Refresh’ button from top-right to check for an update.

Once you see an update or multiple updates, tap on ‘DOWNLOAD’ for the latest one. If you are on ‘Mobile data’, you will receive a warning, switch to WiFi if you like and tap ‘DOWNLOAD’ continue.

You can Pause or Resume an active ‘Download’ when needed.

Once the download has finished, you will receive a notification from ‘Updater’ tool.

Tap ‘Install’ to continue.

Finally, tap OK to enter recovery mode, in order to update /e/OS

/e/OS prepares for system update.

Your device reboots to recovery mode and does the Magic and boot to /e/OS once done.

Your /e/OS is updated to the latest version now.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


You can also look at :

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Thanks for the nice tutorial. One question that I can’t answer in this whole forum: is it possible to skip one update of /e/OS?
Right now, I’m on 0.15-q, and there is both 0.16-q and 0.17-q and… it’s not clear if I can directly install 0.17 :slight_smile:

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you can choose the version of your choice (with the same flavor as you actually have installed), it is complete system, not an addition or a patch, it will replace the version actually installed


I’ve had my phone with e on it for quite some months now (done mostly with the easy-installer on a Samsung Galaxy S9), and I have four upgrades listed. But I am too terrified to download or install because I see a lot of posts here from folks who do it and then discover it has messed up their phone. Do I just proceed, hope for the best, and then come back here if I have a problem?

Also, I thought that if e was installed with the easy-installer, upgrades/updates (these two are different things, aren’t they?), would be done automatically? Or did I misunderstand this somewhere along the way?

Thank you.

Your phone is a computer device. It can get messed up or fail you without any apparent reason at any time. It doesn’t need updates for that if in doubt, but updates of course actively do something, which increases the chances for unwanted results.

If you don’t want to be terrified, be prepared with regular backups of your important stuff, if you have any on the phone only. An update can always serve as a welcome reminder to check how long ago the last backup was done, and whether it was done successfully from any point of view you can take on it.

This. Ideally after doing and checking a backup.

To avoid confusion, a distinction makes sense between updates within the same major Android version, which should come more or less regularly because there’s always at least security stuff to patch, and upgrades to a higher major Android version, which may be offered every odd year, or not, depending on device, vendor and circumstances.
In reality not many people care about that, so there’s always potential for confusion with those terms.

The /e/OS Easy installer only takes care of the initial install of /e/OS. The installed OS then works in the same way as anywhere else, i.e. updates will wait for you to start them.

Also, please be aware that most users come posting here only when they have problems !
I’m quite sure that there are plenty of happy users, but we rarely hear from them :wink:


Hello here! :slight_smile:

I use this method and so get an “Orange State” at startup? There is a way to check the installation and hide this worrying message?


Welcome to the /e/ forum @ychar. There was a recent answer to the “Orange State” issue here

From AOSP, Boot flow we see

ORANGE: Warning screen for UNLOCKED devices

Nearly all /e/ devices are UNLOCKED on installation. Locking should not be attempted unless it is shown in the install instructions.

Oh! I missed that message, sorry.
Thank you! I am now reassured. :slight_smile:

Could someone explain how OTA updates are seen available by the devices ?

Today 2023-04-06, I have a S10+ under /e/OS 1.8.1-20230225257804-beyond2lte, 1.9 is out since 2023-03-16 and my phone does not see any update.
I’m not very worried but I’d like to know if there is an algorithm for availability (eg : real murenaOS or recent phones first, or geo-zones etc). Not a big deal…

Thanks in advance
(May be this is not the best place to my post)

So from this information we do not know your Build type (if applicable), nor which Android version you are running. Perhaps you could define your build like this.

This is the list of ROMs which I see published for your device.

OTA Android version Upgrade is not available for beyond2lte but please note the difference of terminology with OTA updates of /e/OS version.

Thank you very much aibd

I think the lazy-me was afraid to have to manually upgrade to S…
You make me read docs and re-read https://doc.e.foundation/devices/beyond2lte/upgrade


OS version : /e/OS 1.8.1-20230225257804-dev-beyond2lte
Android version: 11 (-> R )
Build Number : e_beyond2lte-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20230205.200220

edit: link
edit: type dev

To upgrade to S, you need to first upgrade samsung firmware to an Android 12 based, but not the latest as it said in the documentation because it will include a security patch level more recent than the one included in latest /e/OS build and you won’t be abble to install /e/ for this reason
Then flashing a custom recovery, and finaly /e/OS

Merci piero,

Well, I guess I will have to find time to learn how to find and install an Android 12 based.

Downloads :

Installation :