Updates on upcoming builds

As you may be aware we had some issues with the last v0.12 build

The team has been working on finding the root cause and it looks like it was caused by a combination of 2 problems:

  1. On FP3, the fastboot flash boot boot.img often fail. And the user maybe not detect that if he runs all the commands at the same time. Consequently, it can happen that a user doesn’t have the boot.img (with recovery) corresponding to the OS version

  2. The main problem on v0.12.1 published beginning of October was caused by an incorrect revert of the top bar modification.

It caused a DB error, and lead to the factory reset screen as the OS did not succeed to boot entirely.

Unfortunately this was not caught during the testing

We will publish a new v0.12 update

  • for nougat and oreo it will be the same, as the top bar was not modified on them, and they were not affected by the factory reset
  • for pie, the new v0.12 include a revert of the top bar modification. It fixes at the same time the factory reset issue

We will publish Q beta for multiple devices (including FP3/FP3+) in the next couple of hours.

I will be sharing more updates on this thread on the progress.

Update 4 Nov

OTA server has been stopped to avoid

  • Builds with issue rolling out on to user devices
  • Assist server team to remove old builds from the server

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Exposure Notification included?

I said in another post but, thanks to the entire team for all the efforts!


Running q v0.12 on moto g7 now.

Seems to be all good. Thanks

Does the build include the updated microG or /e/'s mysterious super-implementation of Exposure Notification API?


Exposure notification not working for me and this is microG version.

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Thanks for checking.

Same microG version for me.

I checked the changelog and it mentions new status bar and UI update to match the system style.
None of these are present on my FP3

According to the post below we have to download it through Apps. I did not found it there yet.

“new” status bar (which should read: the old one has been fixed) is available on my FP3
The UI changes for dark style seems not to be applied on some apps (dialer, contacts, tasks, apps,…)

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I think I must have been one of the few FP3 users to have installed the previous v0.12 release successfully, and I upgraded to the new release this morning. The status bar reverting back to the “old” design is very welcome - I didn’t like the new design at all!

What’s not so good is that the version of microg still hasn’t been updated. The packaged version is now a year old(!) and there have been three releases in that time. We’re missing Exposure Notifications and all kinds of improvements in mapbox, UnifiedNlp, etc.

Like most reasonable citizens, I see it as a civic duty to participate in suppressing Covid-19. Exposure Notifications are almost essential for day-to-day life now and this situation is getting extremely frustrating.

When will we get Exposure Notifications?

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If you are in a hurry and can’t wait, then you can manually remove the installed version and install the latest Microg version in its repository (https://microg.org/fdroid/repo) via Fdroid.

(How remove microG of /e/ os?)

Is there an issue with this update or why are OTA-servers shut-down?

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Hi all!
I have a refurbished galaxy S7 preinstalled. I made an upgrade to /e/OS 0.11-2020082870470 - Android 8.1.0 via TWRP (e-0.11-o-2020082870470-dev-herolte.zip).
Since then, I saw that there was a OTA available = /e/OS 0.12-2020093076269 (789Mo). But if I click on install, it reads “you are about to install /e/OS 0.11 - 30 sept 2020” (OTA downloaded is 0.12).
If I click ok, I get an installation error message.
Does it come from my device or from the last update problems?

Dear all,

I have made the automatic update on my FP3 when I received the notification.

However, after the restart, I got the normal fairphone screen loading and then black screen message with “recovery” written and also “Can’t load Android system. You continue to get this message factory data reset and erase a device”

Do you have any advices for me?

Do I really have to reinstall everything?

Thank you for your help

You might try to change the slot from which you are booting … From which version to did you try to update? (Assuming also that you trying currently to update to 0.12-20201029… right?)


Thank you for your message.

Right, I tried to install the last update based on the automatic notification I received on my FP3.

I must admit it was a bit painfull for me to install /e/ on my FP3 at the begining an now I am a bit lost with the suggested procedure to change the booting slot. Is there a tutorial or something likewise?


I think in the post it is described rather clearly. First, connect your device to your PC and start a command window. If you have fastboot/adb installed it is just the two commands that are mentionned in the post, hopefully!
Assuming you have Windows
fastboot getvar current-slot
depending on the answer set it to the other one with:
fastboot --set-active=a or fastboot --set-active=b respectively.
Is that instructional enough for you to follow or is something still unclear?

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Thank you for your help and sorry for being “slow in understanding”, I don’t have competencies in doing such things…
I have started the FP3 in fastboot mode and then open a command prompt.

However, when I type fastboot getvar current-slot, I have the following answer: < waiting for any device >

In the mean time on the FP3 it is written in red that the “Device state” is locked. so I guess this might be related?


Ok your on the right way, I forgot to mention your phone has to be in fastboot mode but you did that anyway :slight_smile:
Your device being locked is not standing in the way of changing the slot! It seems to me that your Computer does not recognize your phone somehow you could try the following to list all connected devices and to see whether your computer knows the phone is connected:
fastboot devices
and additionally:
adb devices

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