Upgrade from Oreo to latest R (or Q) Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (Polaris)

First thank you every body for your work, your help and everything you do for the /e/ community and to unGoogle the internet :pray:

I am user of /e/ since 2020 and I use a Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (aka Polaris) with the /e/ OS and It works like a charm :smiley: but I am stuck with Android Oreo. I used to do OTA update, but I probably missed an upgrade or a change about the upgrades for some reason.

So, my point is how to upgrade my device to the latest Android Q without loss of my data. I don’t want to reinstall everything (I thought I got ride of that by installing /e/ OS instead of custom OS) :frowning:

I see 2 options:

  1. Try an direct upgrade from Oreo to Q without intermediate version upgrades → Can it work ? Or it may have issues ?
  2. Do intermediate an upgrade with Android Pie, then upgrade to Q → I can’t find official, neither unofficial, build of Android Pie for Polaris (only dead links). Where can I download Android Pie for Polaris ? (even unstable as It’s only for an intermediate upgrade).
  3. (Build myself the intermediate version but my skills are a bit rusty and I don’t have the time for that.)

Thank you a lot for your help and have a nice day :smiley:

PS: During my search I found this topic with Android Pie for Polaris, but links are dead.


From Oreo to Q is a huge step!
But it may work…

I can’t find an image for Pie, either :frowning:
If it can help, I upgraded my MiMix 2 (not S) from P->Q, Q->R, R->S without any data loss.

You may want to upgrade first:

It is advised to take backups at every OS upgrade, just in case …

What I do for backup with my MiMix2 (takes about 1.5 hour):

  • remove any lock/password to remove /data protection (will also remove fingerprints, have to re-enroll some apps later)
  • wait 15mn, reboot, wait 5mn (don’t know if it’s mandatory, though)
  • connect to a computer using USB, copy all my files
  • reboot to TWRP, take a full backup, “adb push” it to the computer, delete it
  • in TWRP’s adb shell, cleanup /data/lineageos_updates/, create a tgz archive of /data, “adb push” it to the computer, delete it
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I will try to upgrade to Q as I can’t find any version of Pie.

I have backup my phone following this topic.

TWRP is up-to-date, but do I need to upgrade the Xiaomi firware that you linked ?

It’s the latest version, for Android 10, so it’s recommended.