Upgrade galaxy s5 klte

Hi. I see e/os 1.8 R just came out for the s5 klte. I’m on 0.23 Q at the moment with twrp. Is it possible to upgrade to R without losing data ?
If it is then how to do it ?

Keep up the excellent work e/os devs. This os is fantastic.

I can’t answer your question, but I can suggest a couple of ways to backup your installed apps and user data, so that they can be restored if the upgrade does lose your data:

  1. Backup data partition using TWRP - see here
  2. If you have access to computer or VM running Linux, backup apps and data using Android Backup and Restore Tools project. These are the steps for backing up using that project:
    1. ensure that rooted debugging is enabled on your phone
      1. Enable ‘Developer options’ by going to Settings | About phone, and clicking 6 (or maybe 7) times on ‘Build number’
      2. Go to 'Settings | System | Developer options`
      3. Scroll down to the Debugging section and enable Rooted debugging
    2. Open a terminal window
    3. Connect your device, If a dialog appear on your phone asking whether to allow debugging, select ‘Always allow’
    4. type adb devices You should see a response showing the phone serial number
    5. type adb root. You should see a response saying restarting adb as root
    6. Navigate to the android-backup_project directory: cd android-backup_project
    7. Start the backup by calling the backup_apps.sh script: ./ backup_apps.sh. This will shut down your phone, copy some files to the phone, and restart it (in a mode that does not allow you to interact with the phone. Then it will start to backup the apps from your phone and their user data. Depending on how many apps you have installed, this can take a long time, possibly up ti a hour or more.
    8. When the backup is complete (or has failed), your phone will restart, and you can disconnect it. The backed up apps and data are now in a directory named by the device name (or possibly chip manufacturer name), android version, and date e.g. lilac_2022-10-28_SQ3A.220705.004 or qcom_2022-10-28_RQ3A.211001.001

For a bit more information about both methods, see this post


Hi, it should be noted that the Android R version is still marked as beta.

Thanks guys. Ill probably do a TWRP backup and dirty flash R and see how it goes.

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If you can give some feedback about this R beta version (if there are no major issues) I’m interested. I also plan to do this upgrate when I have time.

Yes sure. Don’t know when ill get to it though

Hi all. Good news. Dirty flash worked. What I did

  1. Updated TWRP to latest 3.7.0_9-0-klte
    1a.Remove all security from Q, pins, passwords, patterns, swipe and the like.
  2. Full backup of Q to sdcard
  3. Copied e-1.8.1-r klte to sdcard
  4. Installed R. I didn’t wipe a thing. Ill say again - don’t wipe or reset anything before or after flash, I honestly didn’t think this approach would work but surprise !
  5. Reboot - takes a while.
    All apps and data still there and working.
    LTE WiFi hotspot all working
    This s5 is not a daily driver, I use it for hotspot and my kids have a few (important) football apps on it. I wanted R for the Ethernet tethering so now I need a good microusb to Ethernet adapter.

Tip of the hat to the e/os devs. Excellent work.

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Well, that was quick finally. Thanks for the feedback.

No bother. Happy flashing.

Edit. See 1a in instruction.