Upgrade storage?


I tried to find out by myself but I didn’t. Is it possible to upgrade the storage of my ecloud account ? I have now a 5gb free storage account. It seems that there are 64 or 128 gb plans but I ddin’t find any buying link !

Thanks for help !


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They are updating and fixing bugs.

Hi @Denis1 the direct link to upgrade storage from within ecloud is under maintenance and should be back up this coming week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Vou need more capacity? Don’t worry, we have several plans available from 64GB to 1TB.

Extra storage is normally accessible from your ‘ecloud’ account console.

Click on ‘files’ in the top part

Locate in the bottom right corner the button “Increase storage size”


Currently the button “Files” is not available.

I’d love more capacity!! but don’t have an upgrade storage button…

no upgrade option

Well not bad! I only got 1 GB :slight_smile:

Same here, 1 GB and not 5. Does someone know why ?

It was for earliers members’s accounts

I was also trying to upgrade my storage and got so frustrated that I couldn’t find the link anymore!
I found this, but the links don’t seem to work.
Please fix it soon, “shut up and take my money!” :crazy_face:

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Hi, thanks for the answer. Waiting for the maintenance to be done so ! Anyway, I’m really happy with the fairphone 3 I bought to Efoundation, works very well !

Any idee when this is solved, I would like to upgrade to a higher plan, but still no link.

Checking on this. Will update.

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Upgraded succesfully, and files are uploaded again.

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Thanks for the update.

I have the same problem that I can’t/don’t know how to increase storage space. In this thread (Ecloud.global: increase storage blocked) @Shenol said to login first to the shop. But with which account? The e.email account I use on the phone? Strangely, when I login to ecloud.global via web browser, it shows a different e-mail address (one of mine, don’t worry) in my profile than the one used to login in the first place.

And I currently support several people’s phones and sometimes get the “Your access to this site has been temporarily limited by the site owner” error. Frankly, I wonder why this whole cloud business and increasing storage is so complicated. Isn’t the target group for /e/ non-techies? Also, isn’t storage space a source of revenue for the company? This really should be much simpler. I mean, it’s hardly possible to find any information about it on the various /e/ websites in the first place.

It is a foundation not a company :upside_down_face:

Just click on increase storage, on the ecloud drive.
You need a different account for the forum, for ecloud and for esolutions.shop. If you don’t have one for the shop you will be asked to create.

@Shenol Where exactly is that button? It’s not on the lower left where it says the drive is full.

@tyxo But it needs money, that’s the point.

Sorry, seems there is an issue with it. I’m checking.

It should be working now. Please check again.