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I’ve been running /e/ on the G7 river for about ten days now and I’m impressed.

I’ve just been notified of an upgrade to ‘E-1.15-s’. Can someone confirm please if I could flash this through TWRP without losing my setup? Or am I safe to do it through the phone perhaps?


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The system updater provides OTA (over the air) updates of /e/OS version at approximately monthly intervals.

The system updater is usually the best way to go. If you have the correct TWRP installed it is expected to be compatible with OTA updater.

Android version Upgrades usually have to be done manually. A little more insight here e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd.

If you are in a different situation it would help if you provide info in this form [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc of what you are running.

There is an Upgrade page for your device https://doc.e.foundation/devices/river/upgrade anticipating the soon to be published Android T version

Many thanks

My OS version: 1.14-s-20230819321663-dev-river which I will now upgrade to T after your info

Can I do this without losing my info and setup? Obviously I will backup.

In theory your data won’t be lost, but backups of important stuff should always be made, LineageOS have experimented with this for longer, but you may be one of the first few to try with /e/OS.

As your OP mentions TWRP, in my reading of the upgrade page linked above, all and any vendor “blobs” (and any other magic) to be added for the upgrade will be packed within the e-recovery.

From the Upgrade page:

Download the /e/OS installation package as linked in the Downloads for river section in this guide.

But the section …

Downloads for river

… specifically links the two items.

Thanks again

Yes it also mentions having to install the stock ROM for some devices. This seems to be a ‘suck it and see’ issue. Would you agree? If I go that route I will loose my setup as is.

I really don’t know why the /e/ team can’t give a list of the device who need to go back to stock ROM.
It would be much appreciated.
From what I understand, this is especially true for recent phones with manufacturer updates offering the android version (let’s say T) in Stock ROM. But in fact I don’t really know…

hmm … this is under a section

this upgrade build could not be tested

I regard this as “generic” advice. Yours is a 2019 Moto. Hopefully when you first installed /e/OS you ensured you were on the latest vendor firmware release … so I would assume you should have no further need for any further use of stock ROM for an upgrade. Personal judgement only.

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  • As firmware is released for say a 2 year old device, the person who built with the latest available firmware cannot say for certain at that point that firmware upgrades have ceased.

  • We can take as guide that most manufacturers (notably different Fairphone) only generally continue firmware upgrades for 18 months to 3 years. There will be many exclusions from this over simplification

  • We each have to do research the latest vendor firmware upgrade before installing /e/OS on our device.

What if users were to share the Vendor SPL (security patch level) of their researched and correctly running /e/OS device. Settings > About phone > Android version > Vendor Security Patch Level.

We could then put together such a list as you propose. I also proposed and contributed to such an idea, rather hidden away in this editable post Upgrade Galaxy Tab 5e from "r" to "s" - #4 by aibd.

Ideed really nice proposition, it would have saved me a lot of time searching and bothering @piero ^^

Maybe the baseband version could be interesting?
Settings > About phone > Android version > Basebande version

I think when I’ll be ready to attempting OS upgrade from Q to T, I will share my experience to allow other user to do the same.

Thanks for all the explanations :slight_smile:

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Yep I’ll share my experience if or when I upgrade

Again thanks

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