Using deck on my phone

I would love to use the deck app on my phone to create to do, doing, and done lists. Right now I use trello to for this but I would prefer to use the Deck only office app. I saw that list i create can sync to task on the browser but not to my phone. How can I get the decks lists on my phone

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Maybe this?

Nextcloud Deck (Companion app for Nextcloud Deck)

it asks me to install nextcloud files

Ah, sorry. Yes, Nextcloud app/client is mentioned in the description as a requirement. It is good to have anyway so install it.
Having Nextcloud client installed brings benefits such as accessing files or manual syncing with your Murena cloud. It also acts as a provider to the storage access framework allowing access via the ROM’s file manager.

Install and connect Nextcloud app to your /e/cloud drive to unveil its true potential - eOSWiki / HOWTOs - /e/OS community

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ok I found an app in the store that just does the same thing, albeit with just one board but that really all I need.

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