Using the twitch app

Hello everyone!
I just received my Fairphone 3 and I’m in the process of installing apps, including Twitch. However I can’t manage to make the app work (bear in mind that I have no technical skills whatsoever): it launches but it looks weird, it doesn’t occupy the entire screen, the resolution seems wrong, and I can’t manage to log in.

Is this a common issue? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks a lot

Update: I just noticed that it was listed as “unavailable” in Apps. Same with NewPipe. Is it going to be available soon? Is it something that is accessible in other devices? I apologise if these questions are dumb but I really have no clue

a lot of apps aren’t available in apps store, but there is a option to request.

you can use Aurora from f-droid for all goolag store apps

Thanks for answering!

NewPipe and Twitch are available in the Apps Installer.

But If you need an app not available, request it in the Apps Installer and indeed use Aurora Store :

Yes, I managed to install NewPipe, thanks!
However, this is what I see when I try to install Twitch:

Is it normal to see v. 0.0?

And when I install it, the graphics are all weird and distorted:

And I can’t log in or view any streams

The 0.0 isn’t the version but the privacy score.

Install it with Aurora Store to see if the issue is fixed.

Oh wow, what a score huh. Thanks for the help!