V1 release date?

Wondering if there is a time-line for the first full release. Or is that too far off to say at this point?


@smth if you are on the /e/ ROM hope you are checking the change logs. While the builds are already stable there are a number of changes to apps and existing functionality being added to each build. Along with that we are also knocking off a few of the critical bugs. All that is slightly delaying off the release of v1.

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I’m not currently using /e/. Hoping to switch to it soon. From what I’ve seen of the roadmap I’m guessing v1 is approaching, and so probably worth waiting for, at this point (but an estimate would make that decision easier).

Is there an ETA or a roadmap now?

For v1 we do not have an ETA.The server migration and stabilization is still in progress. You will get the final release date on the telegram channels once it is decided.

Can you say when the app market will be released?

Ironically, it is the app repository development that is in someways causing the delay. The server migration and stabilization I mentioned that is still going on was for the app repository. The development team is working to close it out ASAP.

Is moving the upstream to LineageOS 16 on a roadmap anywhere?

(I’m curious, not complaining - saying “we want to release /e/ v1 before looking into that” is a perfectly fine answer)

Hi @Treer some of the items on the road map are - uninstallable system apps, upgrade to Pie, an innovative setup allowing user the option to select what type of apps he/she would want from basic to advanced and last but not the least design and UI changes.


Hi, @Manoj, is there a time-line for this road map, and will it be needed to reinstall /e/ to enjoy these new features like uninstallable default apps? And when will the long announced /e/ application store be ready?

quote=“Manoj, post:9, topic:2536”]
an innovative setup

a fresh installation will be needed of course. Just a question, it is already a while since this was announced, and today I had an experience: never add a repo to F-Droid, it updates everything and even wakes up disabled apps. :astonished:

I don’t think you will have to “reinstall /e/” (meaning restore the phone I suppose) because like every updates, only the system partition is rewritten, not the data partition. (I guess :yum: )

Hi @pjmbraet,
There is no time line on these updates. All that I can say is the development and testing is in its final stages. The problem is I guess we added a lot of these features later based on user comments and feedback. The purpose and intention of the team is to make the /e/ ROM unique and not just a fork of lineage with MicroG.
I would expect the ROM with removable system apps and the app repository will all be available as OTA updates and not require users to format and manually install the ROM.

Do you think that it’s reasonable to say that /e/ V1 is to be released before May by this point?:joy:
I am so interested.

Would it be possible now to know when /e/ V1 planned for last february will finally be released? I’m really curious to know.

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Could a member of the team answer this question, please?

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The initial plan was to release it along with a new name during one of the big techno events …but then 2020 had other ideas. This year has changed a few of our plans…all the same we did meet a few of our commitments

We still have a lot of commitments to meet and yes the announcement of the new name and the v1 launch dates have to be announced. Stay tuned…


Thank you for your reply but I don’t really understand what keeps you from releasing the v1. What changed your plans for v1 release? Are you artificially delaying it to be able to release it during a big tech event, like you are doing with the new name? That wouldn’t make any sense. Or did you encounter big problems causing that huge delay in the work remaining to release it?
I know that’s a lot of work and you guys already have come a long way and this is awesome to see this project progress but I’m really wondering how did we get from the v1 release announced for past february to “still no release date announced” 7 months after…

We also have launched this year, our first official brand new device and a coronavirus instead of name and v.1. !
We could be happy !

No, not 7 months ago.

Talks about v. 1 started in February 2019.

I guess from a user’s perspective it doesn’t make any difference whether the version in use is called 0.11, 0.25 or 1.0. The software stays the same, doesn’t it?
The only difference it makes is for marketing. So, why don’t let them rename 0.25 to 1.0 without changing a bit when they feel it is a good chance to announce it and attract as much attention as possible?