Versioning in Nextcloud / eCloud not enabled?

I’m thinking about moving from a self-hosted Nextcloud to e-cloud but I can’t see the versioning-option in the files-section. Is this only disabled in the free accounts or for everyone?
This would be a very important feature for me!
Greetings and thanks for your work!

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The only difference between a free account and a paid one is the storage size.

If you need something, you can ask for it :

Hello Moritz,

I totally agree with you, the Versions plugin should be activated in the Files.
I lost some data because of a bad conflict resolution decision.
If versionning was there, I could just restore the right file.

This seems to me to be an essential feature for a cloud service.

+1 Versioning is very useful.
Would eat some storage, but it is worth it.