VLC not scanning for media files on FP3

When VLC scans my phone for media files. It reports that there are none. If I try using the Media Library Preferences to tell it where there are media files it reports that that every directory is empty apart from any subdirectories. However I can open media files in VLC from ghost commander. This happens with both the F-Droid and the Aurora versions.

It does have storage permission enabled so this can’t be the reason.

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Works for me, in the Internal Storage as well as on the external SD card.
VLC 3.2.12 (F-Droid)


Hmm… I have
VLC 3.2.12 (F-Droid)

I didn’t install 0.12 fast enough … luckily, because then it got retracted for the time being :slight_smile: .
Doesn’t mean it must be 0.12’s fault, but comparing is harder that way.

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Maybe I’ll just hang on till the next version and see what happens.

This is crazy. VLC is working properly now. As far as I know I have not done anything that could affect it,

Welcome to software, doing software things :slight_smile: .

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