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I think in getting a phone with e/OS but I mainly use my phone for VOIP with a SIP line. I use the app Acrobit - Groundwire for this, it is the one that was most reliable on my phone. Linphone an Sipnetic sometimes have troubles
Unfortunately Acrobits is not available on e/OS.
Do you know what are the alternatives to use a SIP line on e/OS, please?

Besides, I had found a website to know which apps are available on e/OS, but I cannot find it again

Would you please recall me the website name?

Thank you

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This app is available in App Lounge in /e/OS. It seems to be a paid-for app so iI guess you have already paid. In which case you should be able to login to App Lounge using your Google I’d, install the app, then logout again

Thank you for your answer
Actually I asked to an Acrobit dev, and I think he does not know this is possible
Where could I find a website to know which apps are available en e/OS please?
Thanks again

You mean VoIP SIP apps? Maybe check out baresip, baresip+, or Sipdroid (FOSS apps).
Other than those and Linphone I haven’t tried anything else

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@ThomaM e/OS queries and downloads from Google Play, so basically all Apps that are unrestricted (not needing a paid licensed or are geofenced) are available.

As Acrobits is paid and has no independent mechanism to buy and enter a license, it can’t be bought from an /e/ phone - but can possibly be installed and used after associating the /e/ phone with a Google Account that already has the App licensed.

On VoIP: I’ve had good experiences with [HOWTO] use the builtin Android SIP client to do VoIP and more so Sipgates Satellite (a service in Germany with a +49 national mobile phone number) - the latter uses Googles native push service (FCM) to signal an incoming call, that’s their secret sauce for establishing a call that is not present in the in-built client


I could install Acrobit Groundwire on e/OS thanks to another phone with a Google account, as you suggested to me. Thank you very much for your help. However, because the Google services are missing on e/OS, push notification do not work
Do you please know whether there is an other app that give push notification without Google services? Moreover, App Lounge does not give information on the privacy of Acrobit Groundwire (N/A). No information about trackers
I also trie baresip, but the micro does not work, people cannot listen to me. And there is no push notification
Thanks again,

PS: Besides, I think there is no more builtin SIP service on version 1.9 of e/OS

It is not the eOS version, it is the Android version used. I am using Android 11 (R) eOS v1.9 and it has a built in VoIP client. It was removed >= Android 12


Yes, indeed, I noticed that it was due to the Android version

To clarify, push notifications are an integral part of microG, the surrogate library to replace Google Services inside e/OS.

If you do not receive notifications, pls check your microg options (Settings → System → microG ) if your device registers for cloud messaging.

In the end, it could also be a bug or something the Acrobit Groundwire doesn’t like about the environment.

App Lounger gets this info from https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/ – one can usually get an analysis direct, but when I tried I received the response “Free applications only”.

You were probably already aware of Acrobit’s privacy policy, https://acrobits.net/privacy-policy/; as you are a #Customer there, I would guess it would be worth pursuing the micro-g issue with Acrobit devs, via their in house troubleshooting system.

Thank you very much for this clarification
Indeed, Acrobit is registered but it seems it does not like the environment

Thank you,
I sent an e-mail to Acrobit’s devs, and they told me that the app needs Google services

Actually, I just discovered what was VoWifi, and my operator offers this option, probably like most operators
My main interest in SIP app was wifi calling, but since my GSM operator offers VoWifi, I could give up the SIP line
However I found the “Phone app” less stable than Acrobit for wifi calling, two calls were unintentionally interrupted.
I made a new post to ask whether there are some better apps for wifi calling? (maybe I just should improve the wifi signal)
Thanks again

I replied to your new post Wifi Calling App - to not mix “regular diy SIP setup” with (“carrier” voip) VoWifi in this thread.

Good on you to contact Acrobits - but answers will not be detailed unless a developer pokes at it. I’d really like to debug your issue of not receiving push notifications, but the paid and google-account-affiliated nature stymie my curiosity.

Thank you very much for your answer @tcecyk
Don’t worry, since I discovered VoWifi, if it works well, I think I am going to give up my SIP line
Thanks again,
Best regards,
Thomas Morzadec

This seems the most recent and clearly titled thread to give a necrobump on this topic.
Anyone interested might have a look at baresip here:
Travel well.

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