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I use e/OS (v 1.9) on a Fairphone 3+. I used to have a SIP line that I used with Acrobit Groundwire, so that I could give call over wifi. However, contrary to android devices, on e/OS, because there is no Google service, the push notifications of Acrobit do not work

I just realized that my operator, as I think most operators, offer wifi calling option. And the App “Phone” on e/OS offers to allow the “wifi calling” option too. However, I fear that the app is less stable than Acrobit for wifi calling (two calls were unintentionally disconnected, maybe the wifi signal is too bad?)
Would you please have any suggestion for apps that maybe work better for wifi calling?
Thank you for your help

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I think you gave yourself a good answer already that the disconnects could’ve been up to the signal. Another issue is if you have heavy network activity on your home network while you take a call. There’s a whole science to it (“buffer bloat”). With a few more days and many more calls from the same physical location you might get an intuition when Wifi Calls break up.

VoWifi is implemented by the system, not an App. The Dialer merely uses the system facility to use Wifi Call. It’s basically VoLTE after a VPN tunnel is setup to the carrier. All the “VoWifi Apps” I took a look at were thin wrappers to settings relating to VoWifi that can be accessed also without them. Any App you’d install could be at best again a Dialer that uses the system facilities.

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Thank you very much @tcecyk for your answer
Yes indeed, I think the matter is the buffer bloat. However I noticed that with the same wifi (same location, same time) depending on the facility that I use, the communication is more or less optimized (for example, Signal can be better, Acrobits can be better with the SIP, than the VoWifi)
However they all use the same wifi
Maybe it is because I am two floors above the wifi transmitter.
I will try to find an antenna sensitive to weak signals that I could connect to the phone
May I ask one more question: is it safe to use VoWifi on public wifi? Is it encrypted? (you mentionned a VPN)
Thanks again!!
Best regards

yes, safe.

It’s a 2way authentication when your device and provider setup the encrypted ipsec tunnel, based on a keys in your SIM card and ones of the carrier.

If you want to back this with acronyms, see the sections explaining EAP-AKA at Learning VoWifi, VoLTE, and IMS for what an attacker would need.

Thank you !! I will have a look