Week 01 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

First of all a Happy New Year to all…

As mentioned previously …starting from this week every week I would be creating a topic which will have a summary of some of the tasks team /e/ will complete that week
This will include

  • Updates with dates on sprint testing…this will in turn translate into the OTA updates that will come on the dev and stable channels. ( read more about the difference between the dev, test and stable builds)
  • Names of devices for which the OS will be upgraded
  • Names of new devices being added to the official list

…The team members are getting back from the Xmas and New Year vacations. Will share more details as this week progresses.

  • We have a new version of the build coming v0.14 as you can see in the image below.
    Will share the details of what changes are coming in this build

  • Testing of this build should start in this week… will share the start and tentative end dates as to when the testing team starts and ends testing.

Issues: One of the issues the team needs to resolve is the Web Mail UI instability. While email clients are working users who only use the Web Mail Ui are having issues.

Updates 7 Jan 2021

  • Testing for v0.14 to start today
  • v0.14 consists of mostly UI changes. We are standardizing the UI across the default applications that come in as part of an /e/OS ROM.
  • Details of bug fixes in this testing cycle and links to them will follow in subsequent updates.
  • Most probably by next week we should be in a position to share list of devices we plan to upgrade or add to the officially supported list

Stay tuned for updates.

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I said it already but, thank so much to the entire team and happy new year :wink:


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hi @manoj, thanks for this. what about the Samsung galaxy A3, a3xelte, and the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus, YTX703L ?

Hi Rik, more devices will be added to this list.

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate this effort to communicate better what the /e/ team is doing. And I think the community here is glad about it, too. A step in the right direction, for more transparency. Happy new year!


I think most important is the GSI, where is that in the plans? LOS already has it, see eg

Also I noticed on the forum successful unofficial GSIs

No. LineageOS has no GSI.
An “XDA Recognized Contributor” built a LineageOS GSI, that’s different (although commendable). Anybody can build their own Android however they like, and they can choose to build it as a GSI, and that’s what somebody did with LineageOS here. Some official Google Android resources on what GSIs are thought to be about …

“You, as an app developer, can install and run the latest Android GSIs on a variety of existing Android devices, and in different Android OS release stages including Preview and Beta phases, to perform app testing!”

“GSIs are for app developers to perform app validation and for development purposes.”

“GSIs are used for running VTS and CTS-on-GSI tests. The system image of an Android device is replaced with a GSI then tested with the Vendor Test Suite (VTS) and the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) to ensure that the device implements vendor interfaces correctly with the latest version of Android.”

The Get Droid page you linked to has parts of the disclaimer for the GSI from XDA and marks it red, it doesn’t sound convincing at all (and it’s not supposed to, it should keep unsuspecting users from putting their devices in harm’s way afterall).
Here’s something additional they didn’t copy from the GSI creator’s XDA post (they used their own words to the same effect, however) …

“No guarantees that everything would work. This is a GSI, bugs are bound to happen.”

Why would that be, considering /e/'s target audience?
GSIs on Treble devices sure are nice, and even more nice is when they work reliably so users can actually use them as their daily driver OS on their phones.
But this is not what GSIs are for, and nobody gives any guarantee that stuff works or continues to work on any given device.

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I moved the device OS upgrade and new device post to a new topic. This is because this topic is a week by week summary and will be closed at the end of each week. We will follow up on the issues in the subsequent week.
@Rik with GSI’s the only issue we have is getting a dedicated resource to work on it. For now users are dependent on the unofficial GSI’s made by other users.

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Thanks for this info. Thanks …was not aware of this.
Closing this topic as this is a week by week tracking of the development and testing efforts.