Week 03 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

  • Due for release this week v0.14 dev and stable builds.
  • Devices planned to be released or upgraded this week

New devices

  • Android Q
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte)
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
    • Xiaomi Mi MIX (lithium)
    • Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (scorpio)

Upgraded devices

  • to Android Q
    • Google Nexus 6 (shamu)
    • Fairphone FP2 (FP2)
    • Xiaomi ‘Mi MIX 2’ (chiron)
    • Xiaomi Poco F1 (beryllium)
    • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (star2lte)
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 (starlte)

What is special about this build ?

  • UI changes across default applications.
  • MicroG version updated to v0.2.16.204713
  • Maps updated to v7.
  • OpenKeyChain updated to v5.5
  • Q security patches for January 2021
  • Pie security patches for Jan 2021
  • Misc LOS code updates
    Details will be available in the changelog.

Update 19 Jan
Issues in testing

  • Calendar crashing in samsung devices ! If the issue is not resolved we will push the build for other devices. The team is working on fixing this bug which will be released later.

Update 20 Jan

  • Unfortunately we will have to push the v0.14 release to next week as some of the UI changes are not exactly reflecting on the build !
  • we will be going ahead with the upgrade of the OS and addition of new devices as mentioned above…they will get build v0.13

Update 21 Jan
Builds failed for these two devices which have been removed from the OS upgrade list
Google - Pixel - sailfish
Google - PixelXL - marlin
We will try to build and accommodate these two devices in subsequent weeks. The rest of the device builds went through successfully. Should be released with documentation today 21 jan.

Update 24 Jan
The new devices and Upgrade builds images are still to be posted. The documentation for them has been activated but the links are missing.
Sorry for this error.
Have asked the team to look into this and correct the same ASAP.

Will share more details as I get them.

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Which means that a transition needs to be done via easy installer for the S9…?

Curious as well. Will it be a manual or OTA or easy installer upgrade process?

Either way, looking forward to it!

Normal upgrades are OTA. But a transition from pie to Q requires a manual installation. But I am not sure how this is done simply.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ (star2lte) and S9 (starlte) are upgraded from e-0.13-o-202012xx (Android 8) to e-0.14-q-202101xx (Android 10).

In itself, manually updating the OS with the TWRP Recovery already installed on the device is manageable by any normal user. It requires neither a host machine nor a /e/asy installer, but only the Samsung Galaxy.

The new /e/ OS ‘Q’ is downloaded as a *.ZIP file from the website, saved on the internal storage of the device or on a microSD card and installed from there using the TWRP function “Install”. After successful installation, a > Wipe >> cache/dalvik follows - and that should be it.

However, it is quite possible that the device starts in a bootloop after this update method. In this case, additional partitions must be deleted before flashing again, which involves a total loss of data.

If the LineageOS Wiki is to be believed, it is a basic requirement to also update the Android firmware before flashing the new OS - and this is a Samsung-Android-10-Firmware. This flashing process is no more difficult than the one mentioned before - but only for users who already know how to do it.

Before the installation process, regardless of the method, updating the TWRP recovery is also advisable. The new TWRP Release 3.5.0 has been available since the end of 2020.

That’s kind of funny…I only started using /e/ about 3 weeks ago, and I found lots of holes and discrepancies in documentation from Lineage, /e/ etc. I had to refresh my memory with how to use TWRP but I am now ready and looking forward to the update this week.

Is there a change log or patch notes anywhere for it?

Thanks for this information

hi @Manoj, thanks for the regular updates.

Does this mean we will get eOS-0.13 (Android 10) for the above set of devices?
I am currently on samsung S9+ eOS.0.13 (Android 8) and should expect with the release of this update to get bumped to Android Q.

also, to the previous question, would we get OTA notification or need to manually download

The build being released for the New devices and the upgrade builds are v0.13
For the upgrade to Q it has to be manually done. OTA OS upgrade is not possible. I know this is extra work and developers are working on this but it will take time and a lot of testing.

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Hi @Manoj,

i still do not 100% get the point.
My current running Galaxy s9 with/e/ OS will not get an OTA update due to technical issues. However a sideload is possible? (Available probably next week I understand)
If yes, sorry for this beginners question, will all data on the phone need to be deleted first to avoid issues?

Thanks and beat regards,

The Galaxy S9 will need to be manually flashed to Q. This build will be v0.13
You have to take a backup of your data before the flash as the update will require a clean install - where you wipe all data from the device.
Subsequent builds on the phone will come OTA but the first build will have to be done manually.

@Manoj I and others will ask this question often. Maybe you can add a how-to?

@Manoj Hi, will version 0.13 be maintained and for how long?

Doesn’t this howto need an open Bootloader? (And opening the Bootloader wipes all data)
There is also an official upgrade instruction e.g. for FP3: https://doc.e.foundation/q-upgrade-fp3 (which involves of corse unlocking the bootloader and wiping all data)

Backing-up the data is pretty difficult nowadays without root and google: Perferences and data in apps is often stored at locations not accesible without root (as far as I know. If there is a good solution, I’m happy to learn about it). Same appolies to system data like saved networks, settings, Covid-19-Tracing,…

Thats all reasons why I hope an OTA-upgrade without data loss will come soon.

Counter question: Is there a phone supported by /e/ with a re-locked bootloader?

standard installation instructions for FP3 are with locked bootloader at the end. See also the link for the upupgrade instructions step 4.

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Okay, fine. That had slipped my mind. If it really works, that’s a first-class security feature. However, I had already read something to the contrary.

At the time of Dec. 2019, when the HowTo quoted above was written, the FP3 was not yet being discussed at /e/. This shows that paper is patient (just like what is written on websites).

The “It exists” linked by @piero is well-intentioned but unfortunately placed in relation to the FP3 with closed bootloader. The FP3 is different from the other /e/ phones in several respects.

What du you mean, @SuzieQ. In what respect is the FP3 different?

The Fairphone 3 is modular and therefore more durable and sustainable, made of conflict-free materials. According to Fairphone, it pays attention to the transparent origin of gold, tungsten, tin and cobalt in the smartphone, as well as to good (better) working conditions. Visually, the FP3 is not a highlight for me.

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Any update on the release and documentation of the upgrades? :smiley:

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