Week 12 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

This week it is all about picking up the backlog and issues from the previous weeks. This would include

  • Releasing stable builds of v0.15 …this should be complete by now

To understand the differences between the /e/OS Build types check this guide

  • Releasing Q builds for this set of devices
    a3xelte , a5xelte , jactivelte , gts4lvwifi, hlte, s5neolte , a7y17lte , s3ve3gxx Released 23 Mar

  • Fixing the bootloop issue showing up in the following devices - issue is OTA update does not update the OS as it should. Manually triggering the download through TWRP works for some devices but that is a workaround.
    dipper , fajita , lux , herolte , zenfone3
    Have raised a bug for this

  • Build failure in some devices…being tracked here
    Devices include bacon , crownlte , jfltexx m8 , marlin sailfish ,
    star2lte , starlte , taimen , wt88047

  • Build failure on v0.15 …issue tracked here

Will update this thread as and when I receive any new inputs
Devices include YTX703F , a5y17lte , dipper , dream2lte, enchilada, ether , f1f , find7 , guacamoleb , s2 , tissot

Mar 24 Update
Today the eCloud team had a significant achievement . The team rebooted one of the three storage servers to apply the latest kernel security patches…without stopping any of the client services ( OTA , nextcloud , mail…)
Small but required steps to provide better services to the users

Mar 26 Update

  • We may start the testing of v0.16 from next week. Will share the list of bug fixes and improvements on this thread
  • Team is facing some bugs in the stable build for the FP3. This is delaying its release.
  • The devices which did not receive v0.15 should get it early next week. The list is available here
  • Some users were checking if the Easy installer can upgrade builds. The answer is as of today no. The Easy Installer will install the latest build of the same OS version on your device.
    Error message
    There is an internal problem with your device. Pl contact your manufacturer'
    is showing up in some devices after a clean install on the a3 and a5 Samsung devices. A bug has been raised here. If a different device is also showing this message pl add to the comments in the bug on gitlab. Have updated the dev team about this.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Sorry to bother you @Manoj, but I am just a little confused. I am on an S9+, on A10 / eOS 0.13-2021-01-20xxx Devs with 5th Nov. Patches… should I see OTA update yet… ?

Thanks for clarifying…

The build for the S9+ failed…you can track this here
Will update the progress in the initial thread.

Cool… and thanks for the reply!!

Hi @manoj !

Any news about https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/2746 ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No updates as yet. Will be pinging the team during the day today for updates. Have added this list to the main post

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Hello @Manoj Sir

Are there any news regarding the integration of SeedVault in future builds?
I couldn’t find any official or reliable information.

Thanks in advance

Later this year is the best answer I have at the moment. Do not have a definite date on completion. The list of issue connected to this can be tracked here


Hi @Manoj I do not see any reference to crackling on the list to be released. Has it dropped off the radar?


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I’m unsure if this is best place to ask this.

I’ve read today that Aurora Store 4 is available.

Will this come to /e/ shortly or is more time required before it can replace the 3.2.9 version.

Thanks in advance

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I have had a play with v4 and it really is not ready for everyday use. Specifically search doesn’t work: I searched for a specific app ‘playmoregolf’ which I know is in the Play Store and which v3 finds no problem. v4 displayed many pages of apps including some which had no relation to the search string but "did not* include the app I was looking for.

I tried a few more searches and the results appeared to be almost but not quite random.

I think we’ll be using v3 for quite a long time unfortunately

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Redmi 4x Santoni 1.15 update failed for me, but caused no problems. Just FYI, no need to respond.

As stated by Rahul on the Telegram group :
"Few features from v3.x maybe missing and will be added back soon.

PS: Support for v3 will be removed after this build appears on F-Droid"


I’m not going to hold my breath. Really it needs a lot of work

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0.15 stable on FP3 works great!!


The problem is with geo-restricted apps. And you’ll need to ugrade because Anonymous logins no longer work with v3 - you have to use a Google account :slight_smile: See this thread for details


I made the upgrade from 0.13-p to 0.15-q on A5(2016 - a5xelte) .
For that I used only TWRP, first to make a backup then to install the zip directly without any wipe.

The installation was very fast.
On reboot (and every reboot since) I get a message saying “an internal problem with your device has occurred. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.”
But other than that, everything seems to be working perfectly, without problems.

Thanks for the work done

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