Week 26 : Development and Testing Updates

  • Last week we added 6 LG G4 device models

    • The Samsung J5 (j5y17lte) build failed and the ROM Maintainer is working on resolving the same.
  • This week we expect to release the following tablets

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4noterf)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notewifi)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notelte)
  • /e/ ROM Maintainers The names will be displayed in our Documentation if they so wish. You can see this in the LG G4 devices

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 04-18-31

  • Teracube encryption - This is almost ready from a technical point of view. We are just validating network connection (LTE, VoLTE) to confirm it works on multiple carriers as this is a US based device.
    The next build for the device will be coming with a large set of bug fixes
  • S9/ 9+ OTA OS upgrade - Not much to report here. Developer working on this
  • S9 Stable Q build Have requested to add a build and make available for manual download.
    The current stable build for the S9 is Oreo. Issue available here
  • Pie build for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 mido has been released . Working with the Maintainer to get out a Q build.
  • Porting new devices We are working on porting some interesting devices including a popular small single-board computers (SBCs). Wait for a detailed announcement.
  • Dark mode implementation You can check the updates here

This thread will be updated through the week

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Do you have this covered? I have an active TMobile SIM and can buy a 30 day prepaid ATT MVNO subscription plan if needed now that I have this 2e flashed.

We are testing this at present. Will update once it is done. Do not have an ETA to share.

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I also assume the other bug fixes will be implemented with the next release as well, correct?

Blu-tooth is a big deal for a daily driver phone. Thanks.