Week 33 : Development and Testing Updates



Update 19 Aug :loudspeaker: v0.18 has been released OTA. Should be available on all devices . soon.
Manual downloads if required available for your device from here

FP3 no audio issue post v0.18 update

Update 20 Aug The issue with no audio on calls in the FP3 is being looked into by the dev team. Issue reported on the forum and in the gitlab. 4-5 developers are working on testing and building to resolve this issue. Will update in case of any progress.
Update 21 Aug Team is working on this. Have identified a fix but need to confirm before announcing and releasing another build to resolve the issue.
Update 22 Aug The fix is expected to be released on Monday 23 Aug… A build to test the fix will be released first to the testing team and post their approval will be released to all users.

/e/ R

  • Released for testing on 10 Aug

  • Feedback has been positive so far :crossed_fingers:

  • List of devices to be upgraded to R or added to our supported list

  • List can be modified in case builds fail or there are other issues during the build process

    • from what we have seen so far devices with Stock 11 ROM need an upgrade to stock and then /e/R flashing. Devices without a Stock 11 can do with a sideload on top of previous OS versions of /e/

Development Updates

  • will update on any developments besides once mentioned above.

New devices to be released this week

  • Android Q
    • Samsung Galaxy A7 (a7xelte)
    • Sony Xperia Tablet (castor)
    • Xiaomi Redmi K20 / Mi 9T (davinci)
    • Asus ROG Phone 2 (I001D)
    • Motorola Edge (racer)

Existing devices to get an OS upgrade

  • to Android Q
    • Huawei Honor 5X (kiwi)
    • HTC One (m8)
    • LeEco Le 2 (s2)
      Update : 19 Aug : :loudspeaker: These devices are now officially supported

We hope to release all these devices before end of this week if not earlier.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Where to join the beta

List of devices to be upgraded to R or added to our supported list

If you follow that link to the list of devices the first link in that post points to where your answer is found.
Shortcut: Announcing the start of /e/ R beta testing


Super stuff, thank you /e/ team.
Looking forward to testing the bluetooth echo fix for Gigaset GS290.


Huge thanks for /e/ OS dev team, awesome work again!

I just love that new dark theme, it was long waited cause I suffer chronical migraine, so thanks!!

Lot of improvements with this update. Now it’s finally time to re-learn using swipe gestures again too. Can’t wait what future brings to /e/ OS, might became beta tester if Redmi Note 8T is supported one day. But since this phone is my daily driver I can also wait.

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Update on FP3 went smoothly, love that gesture navigation is now available. Thank you!

Important edit: DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FP3 YET! Phone calls seem to be broken after updating, see: 🐛 FP3/Q no in call audio after update to 0.18-q (#3670) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab


BTW I am still trying to figure out how gestures work…It is a bit confusing for me :thinking: Maybe I am getting too old :grinning:


I have a good news for you, your phone is supported by /e/Os : Info about Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / 8T - ginkgo

Don’t worry, it’s not because of age, it’s just because of habit :blush:


I should have said it more clearly, I meant I hope there will be R support for Redmi Note 8T (and might have been ready for beta testing if there were). Other than that, I’ve been using /e/ OS with my phone from first unofficial /e/ OS build late last year. Obviously I switched to official dev build when it was available at the time. :slight_smile:

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I had forgotton some of gestures, like swipe from side edge of screen to the center = back. I did remember those long swipe from down to up = show open apps, while same with short swipe brings to homescreen. Side swipe at bottom to switch between apps.

That back gesture was problematic with Nokia 7 Plus at the time when using telegram or whatsapp which I used by those days. Usually when I meant to go back I ended up to swipe message and started to reply that. Now with /e/ I haven’t done that once. Still need to test cropping image which might accidentally do back gesture at sides.

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Little correction: Phone calls seem to be broken on my FP3 after updating. The other side can’t hear me, nor can I hear them. Over Signal voice calls, I am able to hear the other side but they don’t hear me. This happens with all methods (headset, speakers oder normal).

Anyone else experienced this?

Edit: Looks like I am late to the game - the issue is already on gitlab: 🐛 FP3/Q no in call audio after update to 0.18-q (#3670) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Hope this gets resolved soon though…

Checking with the team for further inputs on this. Interestingly issue was no noticed during the testing. Also does not seem to be consistent across operators. Will let the developers draw their conclusions and come out with a solution.


I think there are going to be issues for Users who use the sd-card “internally” and not as portable storage - Interne SD-Karte fehlt nach update auf 0.18

Romain had no issue during the test after merging the removal of the fstab mount flag, but it seems there can be more configurations (internally+encrypted) that see the issue

Upgrade to 0.18 failed on Sony Z5C.
Followed instructions below and then it upgraded fine.

Everything seems to be working… no problems making or receiving phones calls, like some FP3 users are having.
Swipe has changed: now swipe up instead of left to close an app.
Can now save attachments using default /e/ mail app. Great to have this fixed especially for any people joining /e/ from now on.

Weather app widget empty placeholder is still there.

Thanks to the team! Works pretty well on my good old FP2! Trying to get used to the gesture navigation… :upside_down_face:

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