Week 36 : Development and Testing Updates


Pending in v0.18

  • dev Nougat builds

Issues in the build on nougat causing the delay. Team working on resolving the issue.

To understand difference in /e/ build types read this guide

/e/ R rollout

List can be modified in case builds fail or there are other issues during the build process

Installation Tip

Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash stock before flashing /e/R .

Pl note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
Manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. Read the next section for details

S10 series devices Issue reported with TWRP

A LOS maintainer contacted us and shared the information that the TWRP installation of /e/ R or LOS 18.1 can can have issues if attempted with TWRP… even force users to wipe in order to boot up again after an OTA (this is due to TWRP messing with FBE encryption). The suggestion he made was to use the lineage recovery for these devices or a recovery that does not touch /data

  • To check with team if lineage recovery works with /e/OS installation - Done
  • Request dev team to upgrade the /e/ recovery to include these changes - Not required. The update I got was that it has the same code with minor changes
  • Install Documentation to be updated to accommodate these changes - In Progress
    There are some references to TWRP installation method which need to be removed . Working on this.

Update: To flash the s10 series devices use the /e/ recovery linked in the installation guide.

OS OTA Upgrade

  • OS OTA upgrade or over the air upgrade development for the S9 / S9+ international variant to Q…denoted by the ‘F’ in the device codename for e.g. SM-G960F

OS OTA will not work if the device is the Korean variant …denoted by the ‘N’ in the device codename for e.g. SM-960N

  • Testing successfully done on internal team members. Will work with the volunteer testers in the coming week to test it before release to all S9 / S9+ users. Will update on the progress

This thread will be updated through the week

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Hi, What about issues that I raised and were under the title “Open Issue” ?


Issues will need to be raised in gitlab for the developers to address and you can also add comments there

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Hi Manoj,

I’m still get confused about all those names, tests and releases as it is not my cup of tea… That’s why I bought the FP3+ with eOS installed, as I don’t want to have to go through complexes’ process to make system upgrades.

/e/ R rollout

  • Week 34 and 35 devices released
  • Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

I got the eOS OTA e-018 stable last week. When you say /e/ R rollout week 34 and 35 devices released, it means Android upgrade from Android 10 to 11 right ? If I’m correct and understand it correctly, it doesn’t work via OTA yet and this is why I’m currently on Android 10 even if my device was / seemed release for the next android ?

Will it once work via OTA ? If not, will you make it possible ? For phones where a partnership exists and where you provide the eOS installed on them, I would expect from /e/ to work on OTA for Android version upgrade as well and not only eOS versions. As marketing-wise, those phones (with eOS installed) targets non-tech people for who, and I include myself, resetting to stock ROM before upgrading to Android R is far from possible and/or something people doesn’t want to go trough.

Of course, phones with stock Android doesn’t necessarly updgrade to newer version of Android neither but knowing that poeple with tech abilites can do it for my current phone and me not, it is frustrating.

Unfortunately the Operating system upgrade from Android 10 to 11 or any other version is not possible OTA as of now.
We are working on getting this out and that is what the OS OTA Upgrade in the first post mentions. This development and testing is restricted to s9 /s9+
The process of upgrade is complicated, especially since it also involves user data and settings which need to be migrated as part of the upgrade.
I agree that it is frustrating that not all of us can upgrade or want to attempt to upgrade. Even those of us who claim we are experts take a deep breath before we start the upgrade process :crossed_fingers:
I have a s9 phone on my desk in which the IMEI got wiped as part of our testing .
Once we are successful with the S9 OS OTA upgrade testing we plan to move to the other devices which we sell on our eSolutions shop. That effort though will take some time.


If you happen to have Fairphone Angels in your vicinity, you could ask them whether they have the expertise to assist you in person with manual procedures … :angel: The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members) - Local - Fairphone Community Forum

OTA upgrades to new major OS versions are tricky on any device with any OS. Even if /e/ at some point are ready to roll them out, there will be disappointed users for whom the automatic upgrade process somehow doesn’t work out (not too many, hopefully).
It’s complicated.

Very well said.
Under-highlighted :slight_smile: .


@Manoj Thanks for your quick, full, understandable and fair answer. I’m happy to read you will be working on it and it will be part of the future improvement. Knowing that soon or later it will touch non-tech persons as well, like me, makes it way less frustrating.

@AnotherElk Thanks for pointing me out thoses Fairphone Angels. Never heard about. I will check out if something is around me :+1:. And thanks to warn that even if the OTA is available, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work out as it should, luckily in some rare case :sweat_smile:.

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How do the beta releases (/e/ R) fit into this list?
Are these comparable to ‘Test’ or ‘Dev’ releases??

There are some minor issues still present in the /e/ R build …for example the widget which shows up when we swipe from left can show up partially at times…Not show stoppers but bugs all the same. We will remove the beta tag when these issues are resolved.
Have added a link to a list of open items in the /e/ R section in the initial post


I would just already be happy if I had the chance for an OTA-Upgrade of my LG G5 from Nougat to Q. I feel more and more at unease still running Android 7.

Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash stock before flashing /e/R .

… or devices that are far behind in firmware updates, as it brings users to the same error-reporting baseline.

But! if you run an old device no longer receiving new firmware or are at the tip of stock-rom firmware updates, there’s the option to transition with userdata intact using a workaround. It’s a testers approach… that worked for me™


Edit: “format_on_upgrade: true” in the lineage device wiki on the yml file can be an indicator if a format is necessary on upgrades, ymmv


It has worked for me on several official Sony Xperia devices, moving from e-0.18-q dev builds to e-0.18-r test builds. In brief the steps - all in TWRP - are

  1. Backup your existing data partition. (This isn’t actually necessary, but it will make you feel better :wink: )
  2. Flash the new R ROM (I used the test build I have just made e-0.18-r-20210910-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran)
  3. Advanced > File Manager navigate to /data/user_de/0/org.lineageos.lineagesettings/databases/ and delete both files there (lineagesettings.db and lineagesettings.db-journal)
  4. Wipe cache / dalvik
  5. Reboot system

This also works on Essential PH-1, with one added step. Because of the A/B slot setup, you need to change the active slot before reboot. Tested on 3 phones without any issues.

PS: On mata, I did find that twrp and R on the same slot will not boot. To keep twrp you need it on one slot and R on the other. Then manual update and slot switching is required.