Week 46, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

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Ok, I found this

And yes there it says it is eos version is stable. I mix it with the build number. Thank you for help me to find this information!

Hi all !

Newbi question : installing eOS S (Android 12) on my FP3 from 1.5 stable R (Android 11) will keep me on the stable branch ? Will it reset all my datas ? Is it something manageable from a Windows phone without any experience ?

Thanks guys for your amswer !

You can check on the testing channel if this issue is known, if not raising an issue is the correct way to handle it.

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Stable channel on FP3 is only for Android 11 (for now…)


Ho @Manoj

I wonder about two things anf haven’t found clear recommendations or documentation:

  • /e/OS gives the option ‘Update Recovery’ on updating OS. Is this recommended? Not recommended? What could go wrong?

  • Is there a way to lock the bootloader after installing /e/OS? If so, is it recommended, not recommended? What could go wrong?

@MRTN Thanks for your quick answer !

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@Manoj do you have any information about this ? :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much

Hi @urs_lesse, i’ve two questions.

  1. Did you update the recovery too and would it be manual or automatic?
  2. Can / must the bootloader afterwards be locked?
    Did not noticed that anyware.

Thanx for u hints and experience.

  1. I did not update the /e/ recovery and started ADB sideload through it. Assumption: Through the successful upgrade of /e/, the recovery also gets updated?
  2. I think locking the bootloader is only (strongly) recommended for general security (in case someone else gets access to the device), but not for functionality of /e/OS.

Depends on the phone. If the device supports seamless updates (a/b slots) the recovery is contained within the boot.img.

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Manoj, any roadmap for a full phone backup software to mac / pc?

Many of us really rely on our phones. Its huge work to set the phone up as desired, then to remember and install all the apps we use together with their data. Its a huge project if the phone goes wrong/lost/stolen/smashed.

Regularly backing up to a computer, would mean that if the worst should happen, I and others could rush out, get a secondhand phone and quickly restore and be back in action quickly and easily.

The 2 things I miss from apple, the great backup and restore software, (either theirs or imazing) and AirDrop. Airdrop is nice, a simple full backup and restore is essential.

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No not yet. Will share details in case there is any progress on this. This is a much requested feature.

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Here we have a link from the TWRP FAQ – regarding backup, What is EXCLUDED from a TWRP backup? updated today !

Full disclosure: I have had no interest in anything Apple since I first became aware of it.

As I understand, /e/OS is unlike Apple in that there is not a one stop shop for backup. /e/OS supports, quoting Get Support - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data, some 269 Smartphone models, not one hardware type.

So I regard a TWRP backup as only a part of my backup strategy.

Lineage has been working on Seedvault for some time; is it ready for general use ? idk.

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I just got my Calendar entries back following Manoj’s suggestions on Troubleshooting (although originally for Android N and O, they worked on my Android S FP3+ now, too).


If rooted debugging can be enabled in developer options on your device (i.e. it is a dev build rather than stable) and you have access to a computer (or a Virtual Machine), running Linux, then you can use the Android Backup and Restore Tools project to back up your apps and user data.

It doesn’t backup absolutely everything. In particular account details and passwords, in Account Manager, in Email, and in other apps.

You can export your Email settings and import again after a clean reinstall of /e/OS.

For Call logs, install SMS Import / Export from F-Droid, and backup to external SD.

Backing up your data partition using TWRP backup is also useful, so long as you backup to an external SD card, or copy the backup from internal storage to your PC. TWRP backups from one device can usually be restored to a different device of the same make, model and /e/OS version,

See my post on both (which is quite old, but still mostly valid I think) for more information


All are to be planned. Will update in these posts when we decide to release these upgrade builds.


Thank you Manoj for the fast answer :slight_smile: !

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Some movement after nearly eight months: Commits · 000-main-upstream_browser · e / os / Browser · GitLab


I have just discovered the release notes for Easy Installer on Gitlab :

FP4 is now supported in v0.17