Week 50, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

OTA @lapor !
It went fine.

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aaaa, OTA. Ok, then I have no idea what is going on.
@Manoj maybe some help?

FP4 S OTA should be available soon… being uploaded to the servers


Got it right now. So FP4 update is rolling out

I dreamed that Dev Team would give FP3 users a Christmas present providing an OS upgrade OTA r to s :blush:


I think I’m missing something here – I haven’t been able to visit the forum for the last couple of months due to technical problems with my router, so slowly coming back.

If I’m running Android 10 / Q on a Fairphone 3, should I get a notification when it’s time to upgrade to 11 or 12 (or R or S), or will I need to do this manually?

Depends …

… on whether you are on the dev or stable release channel currently.

Oh I see. As my OS version is 1.5-q-20221031230909-dev-FP3 I presume I’m on the dev release channel.

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It is there now, thank you! :slight_smile:

What’s about FP3 with Pie?

Hello Manoj, I am missing sunfish R stable 1.6
I understood everything has been released.

On the page it also says ‘beta’, as far as I know that is obsolete.

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Passed on to the team. Will update.

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Support dropped / no OTA Upgrade possible:

I don’t know if this is expected, but Sony Z3 Compact received e-1.6-q-20221204240086-dev-z3c.zip, but not the e-1.6-r (beta)

Hello @aleam IMO it is as it should. OTA Upgrade is not to be expected to R. I guess, manual sideload should be done if available

Hi @mihi , thanks. I think I missused the “received” word (OTA-linked). What I meant was that e-1.6 to Sony Z3C was released in Q, but wasn’t in R.

That’s usually an indication that there was a problem with the R build. Either the build failed, or there were bugs found during testing

Same here. Is the an update coming to 1.6-q on the dev channel?
Or even an OTA upgrade to R. If it is possible on stable, is there an ETA for dev?

Thanks for your work

Thank you Manoj for promptly pushing in the right directions, the update is available now.