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  • Devices: Moto E 2015, Lineageformicrog, e-0.9, both Nougat flavor.
  • App (apk) ‘SNCF assistant’ (french railroad company).

Since a few days, SNCF assistant shows a toast notification about update, which freeze the app.
My love try to update but the new app doesn’t allow her to login, a toast notif. says something like ‘Can’t connect’.
I uninstalled the app, then downloaded from Aurora. New toast while login: ‘Your device needs a webbrowser’+ link to PlaieStore (IcecatMobile as default one)
Tested three olders apk: same toasts, with Jelly enabled and settled as default browser… Same with MicroG enabled and device’s config. ‘open bar’…
Tested the latest apk on e and new toast: ‘App won’t work without full gg plaie services’.
I didn’t spent more time. I just hope that e-0.10-n with a more recent microG will allow to use this app, but I’m not sure.

Just related to show how gg tools enforce the use of Chrome and PlaieServices. Banks are doing the same and more and more ‘utility apps’ will follow this way. Really, There Is No Alternative (TINA).

P.S.: didn’t work (a few minutes ago) on e-0.9-n (20200602), microG version > toast ‘Can’t connect’, no more explanation…

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I did 6 clean install today (without SIM) as said here (in French)

This … app does need a gg account on the phone and then Aurora (anonymous mode) to install.

While login to an existing SNCF account, a toast notification asks to install a webbrowser with a Play Store link (which opens in Aurora). Firefox, Opera, Edge and so one… but no Icecat Mobile nor FOSS browser… I’d choose FF and then app works (login and all features).

Removing gg account (Settings > Accounts) is possible, app works. Works too after Firefox been removed, but no more log out is possible.

Perhaps other apps (bank) will need same install…