Microg & gg account


I’m looking for how to config’ microg, after my tests with SNCF Assistant (see > here < too).

Problem: to work, this app needs to declare a gg account on phone. Since a few days, a bank’s app (updated) doesn’t work no more and I think it needs GPServices too.

What is the best (?) way to use microG for that ? May I add a gg account in MicroG settings ? Temporary, permanently ?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I don’t use MicroG and even less a Google account, so my answer is only theory and might not be very useful.

If adding a Google account is really the solution, I would suggest you to add it into MicroG. Then if it does’t work, add it into Settings > Accounts.

But of course the best thing would be none of these “solutions”. If the app you want to use has a website, use it instead and add a shortcut on your homescreen to the website.

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you can try with adding a goolag account in microG, but I fear it won’t be the solution and the apps will still not work. I do have 2 banking apps which where working fine for more than a year, but since last app version they both don’t work anymore.

A lot of apps are checking for original goolag services and banking apps are checking root and open bootloader.

I’m sorry, but I think you won’t get the apps running :frowning:

Thanks @Anonyme and @harvey186

I will try when migrate my wife’s phone from Lineageformicrog to e-0.10-n (unofficial, surnia).

Will share results…

Édith says e’s release (microg) is just a few month younger than LOSformicrog one (both unofficial ROMs). I don’t know if TWRP could allow to update microg in /e/, without building a new ROM…

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MicroG can be upgraded : [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Redmi 4(X) (santoni)

But I’m not sure about downgrading …

You can’t upgrade MicroG on eOS manually.
Downgrading only with own builds


Login a gg account in microG adds gg’s account to the phone (test with SNCF, in french). So, the ‘best’ solution is to install /e/ without SIM card, add a gg account, install apps wich need it, remove the gg account, insert SIM.

But I think gg has already IMEI and device serial n° and so on…

With Shelter, install WhatsApp doesn’t create a WA account on pĥone, but I couldn’t restore local backup (toast notif. ‘W.A. needs goolag services, witch are updating’). I think (will test, later) gg-dependents apps won’t work sandboxed because gg account seems to link a number of system apps (with ./folders I don’t know how to find/remove).
Édith says ‘Youtube-dl’ (I use for private copy) has its own repo for quick-update mode (as #root), because youtube’s rules move permanently. Perhaps a way to the microg project, its own repo and simple update-upgrade mode to allow upgrade without re-compile each ROM ?..


With what I’d seen with SNCF app (and BanquePopulaire app witch loops login to itself), do you think I would try your ‘Howto’ for bank’s app? I’d never root my phone before and don’t figure how Magisk works…

Thanks for advice.


Édith thinks to a workaround for gg linked apps.

TO BE TESTED (I can’t for now)

  • /e/ running, microG settings all OK,
  • Shelter running, ‘sheltered’ microG launched,
  • optional: install sh-Aurora if needed,
  • launch sh-microg service core, add gg account,
  • install sh-app (bank, railroad…), login.

I can’t test by my own, sorry. Perhaps it will work, perhaps not.
Reboot could help but at what step ?
Without Shelter, SNCF works again after removing gg account from phone…

Try and share, if you please.

Depends on the app. If you’re missing push notifications from a particular app, adding a google account is a prerequisite to enable Google Cloud Messaging in microG, which will make these work.

If it’s a SafetyNet check, adding a google account won’t help.

But I recommend looking into the app options to see if they have other means to contact you (e.g. email) that respect your privacy.