What are the best applications (or what you find the best)? List here what you use or recommend!

Let’s add some more:

  • Various simplemobiletools apps like Notes, Cam, Gallery
  • PilferShush Jammer - it blocks the microphone
  • Net Monitor (by Secuso) - shows which app is making what connections
  • Olvid - secure messenger (warning: closed source)
  • Mac Address Ghost - changing the device MAC address
  • Ovo - simple timer
  • Checkey - checking app signatures
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There is also this one : https://github.com/ViRb3/nMAC/releases/latest

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i would add Syncthing resp. the Syncthink-Fork android app because it provides a kind of data/device synchronization, which is IMHO much more consequent and privacy friendly than any cloud based solution, including /e/-cloud.

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Recently, I found a decent easy-to-use video editor. It is called Joyoshare Video Cutter, which helps me to cut and split any audio & video file without re-encoding, as well as has the ability to merge, convert, crop, rotate, watermark in text and image, subtitle, add visual and sound effects, insert background music, etc. I got it for free due to its just concluded promotion. How so lucky I am.

I like Editor from F-Droid. Simple but not too simple.

Incredible os. I’m new, and I’m loving it. Almost everything works very well in my Fairphone 2.
I like /e/ File Manager, Gallery app, Music player, Video player, Mail app, App Store, Weather app, Calendar app, Camera and Note app. But…
Browser: Firefox.
App Store: F-droid and Aurora, too.
Keyboard: Anysoft.
Something else: KDE Connect (I have Ubuntu desktop, and this is a "magic "app…), NewPipe, VLC, Telegram FOSS and Collabora Office.

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Does nobody use foobar2000 as music player? If your library is folder based it’s a must. VLC is also not bad.

RpnCalc whenever you need a professional calculator and you have grown up with a HP15C.

TotalCommander as file manager.

Brave as browser.

Ah, and primitive ftpd for file exchange.

I use foobar2000 and also enjoy it :slight_smile:

I added it to the editable list of apps.

I have discovered /e/ Browser can import-export bookmarks, and now is my default browser. Really very good.


/e/ browsers can easily make PDFs. That’s something I enjoy.


I’m enjoying the recommendations so far, lol.

Can you please show me step by step how to export All Open Tabs’ book marks? Please.

Where to find this Open Contacts as apk

It’s available via F-Droid ( OpenContacts - Hide contacts away from apps stealing your contacts information ) but also via the /e/ Apps store.

I have been trying many apps, here are some I like,

Trackers - TrackerControl
App Store - Aurora & F-Droid
Email - FairEmail
Office - Collabora
Battery - BatteryBot Pro
Network scanner - NetX
Audio/video player - VLC
Youtube - NewPipe
Notes - iNote
Lockscreen - AOD Xpath
Button allocator - KeyMapper (App Mute linked to it)
Privacy - Vigilante
Download file - Save To
Remove photo data - Scramble
Podcast - AntennaPod
Notes - iNote
File manager - File Manager Android 2021 (was ES File Explorer, has a chequered history, but with network connections disabled, all seems fine).

I hope it helps someone.

APPS: App Manager (f-Droid)(Root) (Easy disable/Uninstall apps incl. default apps)
Battery: Battery Charge Limit (F-Droid)(Root) (extend battery life)
Note App: Carnet (F-Droid)
QRcode: QR-Barcode Scanner (F-Droid)
File Manager: Material Files (F-Droid)

Bahn: DB Navigator (Aurora) (Must have if you want to buy a ticket last minute)
Local: Öffi (F-Droid)

Gallery: Simple Gallery (F-Droid)
Camera: Open Camera (F-Droid)
Music: PoweAmp (Direct von Dev)

Messenger: Signal (Aurora)
Video Messenger: Jitsi Meet (F-Droid)
Mail: K-9 Mail (F-Droid)
VoIP: Linphone (F-Droid)

CalDav/CardDav: DAVx5 (F-Droid)
Calendar: aCalendar+ (Aurora)
Tasks: ToDo List (F-Droid)
Backup: SMSBackup+ (F-Droid) (SMS send as E-Mail)
Sync Tool: Syncthing (F-Droid)(Syn with PC and NAS)

Manager: Subz (F-Droid) (Manage expenses and keep an eye on finances)

Radio: Transistor (F-Droid)
Reddit: Infinity (F-Droid)
Youtube: New Pipe (F-Droid)
Mastodon: Fedilab Lite (F-Droid)
Brwoser: Fennec (F-Droid) (With AddOns)
Twitter: Fritter (F-Droid) (Without Twitter account :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Call blocker: Yet Another Callblocker (F-Droid)
Tracker block: Warden (F-Droid)(Root)
Malware: Hypatia (F-Droid) (Paranoia :grinning: )
Redirect: Untrackme Lite (F-Droid)(set post deleted by default to open Twitter, YouTube and Instagram links will transform them into Nitter, Invidious and Bibliogram links. Usefull if get a Twitter/Youtube/Instagram link via messengerauthor)

Root: Magisk (GitHub) (Need for some must have apps)
Router: MyFritz App (Aurora)
VPN: VPNcilla+ (Aurora) (Special need for FritzBox Router)
Automation: Tasker (Direct from Dev.) (Root) (e.g: Wi-Fi On/Off, Display Rotate, AOD, Notification/Ring mute base of calender event…)


I use the standard apps contacts, calendar, mail, browser, gallery, photo app, magic earth. In addition I recommend these apps (all of them available in F-Droid):
File Manager: Ghost Commander (“Dual panel file manager, like Norton Commander, Midnight Commander or Total Commander”)
Ad Blocker: Blokada
Untrack: Untrackme (transforms Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google Maps links into Nitter, Invidious, Bibliogram OpenStreetMap links", detects shortened URLs and will display the full URL before visiting the site)
Keyboard: Open Board
Launcher/ Startapp: ZIM-Launcher
Browser: Fennec (Firefox-Fork) with Addons: UblockOrigin, …
SMS: Silence: (Encrypted SMS/MMS)
XMPP-Client: Conversations
Tools/ Diverse: Simple Mobile Tools (“apps which are offline, non-intrusive and have no ads,”): https://www.simplemobiletools.com/
You-Tube Frontend: New Pipe
Mastodon-Client: Tusky
Mediaplayer: vlc
Weather: Foss-Wetter (Data from DWD, Germany)
Public Transport: Transportr
TV-Streaming: Zapp (German Public Television)
pdf-Converter: split & merge pdfs, convert & merge jpg in pdf
QR-Code-Scan: SecScanQR
Scan documents: Dokus (scanning and organizing documents – including tags, export in PDF and sharing with others. It works completely offline (does not even request networking permissions)) (needs additional repo in F-Droid: IzzyOnDroid Android App Repo - IzzyOnDroid)
Corona Warn-App/ CovPass:: Corona Contact Tracing Germany (CCTG)/ CovPass


+1 for KDE Connect it’s a very good app which can sync your phone with your PC on windows, linux and apparently also on Mac.
Then you can manage your phone from your PC.


I try to not use my phone much, but here are the main things I use, which haven’t been mentioned before. They’re all available via F-Droid or APK on their websites:

Browser: Mull (Firefox without trackers)
Weather app: OpenWeather
Notes app: Standard Notes
System-wide Ad-Blocker: AdGuard
Keyboard: OpenBoard