What happened to the original vision for /e/ on phones in stores?



I joined the /e/ community a while ago now: September 2018. In fact, this is a whopping 9 months!

I was always under the impression that a number of us were temporarily beta testing /e/ on various devices, learning how to flash roms, and giving feedback on the /e/ experience so that it could be rolled out on at least one hardware device in stores early 2019. The goal was to create a google free system that ‘even my parents’ could use with ease, easily bought in stores.

What happened to that idea? At the moment, it’s great to see /e/ available for so many different devices, but as far as I can tell, it still involves a rather complicated procedure that’s going to put most people off. What is the planning for the original vision of putting /e/ on the market on actual phones in stores? Otherwise, this is just another Lineage OS type setup, for nerds like me.


/e/ is still in beta testing phase. The first official release should come soon and I guess then this idea can be revived. Selling phones to parents with a beta version OS preinstalled was probably not the intention.


If I’ve understood correcly, (I’m maybe dreaming so tell me if I’m wrong) a computer software is in the pipe in order to install /e/ on every compatible smartphones easily.

The only problem is the lack of very good tutorials for each brand, which clearly aren’t for “mum and dad” users for now. Even if the procedure might scare people away, a good detailed tutorial can do the job.

And yes, like every project in the world, some features (like phones with /e/ pre installed) are often delayed. But I’m sure /e/ (or whathever the name will be) will grow up very quickly and be a famous alternative known by everyone, and not only by the custom rom community.


You can find some additional information in this post:



Hi Manoj,

I have forwarded that link to some friends interested in something like /e/, but not interested in flashing their phone. I do think that posting it on these forums is good for info, but not reaching the target audience it needs to reach; I’m assuming most readers on this forum have already learned how to flash their own devices.

Maybe you need to add that information about second hand smartphones with /e/ preinstalled on online shop pages, like Amazone, Ebay, etc.?


That’s where media coverage comes in :wink:


Hi @Carlier we did do some press releases for this in EU and the news-paper coverage we saw in the last few days was because of that.