What is GMS and GSF?

Found this in packages_list.csv. What default app uses GMS and/or GSF?

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Hi @pjmbraet where did you find this .csv file? I guess they come as a part of the MicroG package …https://microg.org/download.html

On Nextcloud, e.drive in the “devices > Fairphone_FP2 > ROM_settings > app_list” folder.

Quoting from that post:
“Using adb shell i noticed these two packages:
What are these packages for?However i removed these two using adb shell and no problem the system working fine.”
These two packages are not seen in LOS.

Please can you check in the LineageOS4MicroG ROM. If only LOS is flashed then it does not have MicroG so these packages would not be visible. LineageOS4MicroG ROM’s have MicroG and should have these two files in it.

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So these are microg packages.And yes Im talking about LOS without microg.Thanks @Manoj