Where can I find apk file for /e/ app store?

I find that hard to understand. Both ROMs get their source code from the LineageOS Project and work with the system application microG. From my point of view the advantages of the /e/ code modifications and the pre-installed apps and browser applications speak for the eOS ROM. F-Droid Store can also be installed on the eOS ROM as a system application if desired.

So what is the major difference between LOSfaormicrog and eOS?

@harvey186 there’s just a language barrier between us.

With “stuck” I wanted to express that I didn’t get further with the installation at the point /system, so I got stuck.

You know why!

Have you mounted system via twrp mount?

Edit: on some devices it is /system/system/app/

By the way, they are FOSS, but that doesn’t mean, that you can install them everywhere.

Her habits…

and BlissLauncher.

Same as migrate from W$ to Debian, she’s all right but doesn’t want to see any change. Just as most of ‘non-tech’ users do, anyway…

I do, because I know that it is necessary to go to the /system/app section.

If the installation is done using adb commands, one of the first steps is adb root and adb remount.

This is an interesting topic. Is this your personal assessment? Where can I find the official /e/ version?

The question “Which license has /e/OS?” has not been answered concretely yet in my opinion. Unfortunately!

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The LineageOS Trebuchet Launcher can be used like other launchers in eOS - as a “normal” user app or as a “system app”.

BlissLauncher can be deactivated or uninstalled. It is only important that another launcher has been installed before - otherwise eOS will not start.

I only use “LOSfaormicrog” if there is no adequate eOS ROM for the device and I need the features of microG.

Just try all variants and use the (modified) ROM which suits you best.

which device ? is it treble supported ?

Oh thank you for your interest and asking. Our family uses a S4, S5, S7 and Tab 2, all of which are not officially supported by Project Treble.

Project Treble and flash Generic System Image (GSI) is a fine thing. If there will be official support from the LineageOS Project, /e/ will follow suit sometime.

I think for most of the devices are unofficial versions if eOS available. For S7 a official version.

And GSI I’m building every 1 or 2 month

Not all smartphones with Oreo update use Project Treble. Since Project Treble requires a partitioning of the memory, not all older smartphones will have this feature enabled by update, like S7 herolte | phhusson / treble_experimentations


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[…] ROM wich suits HER (!) best…

I’m lucky, with PC she reads before clicking. But as most of users, she just wants PC, phone, car… to work ‘as usual’, no more. Doesn’t want to learn/understand. And wants any issue to be resolved immediately without modifying her habits…

That’s a good example of what ‘mom and dad’ users are, in fact : users who had just ‘learned’ by themselves one way to use tech and won’t change habits.

W$’ business contracts with French school ministry have this goal : catching new users, for their entire life. gg with Chromebook is attempting the same process with light laptops. And all gafam work hard to enforce the use of voice PDAs. With full cloud 7/24 storage, of course…

With poor network (French old mountains) gecko-based browsers become less efficient, on phone (because web is more and more gged). And chrome :roll_eyes:
e.browser is a good and clean ‘webview’ one, with efficient Searx engine, so can be a good reason to accept the use of a different ROM. /e/ for example :slightly_smiling_face:

I wasn’t talking about GSI. I was meaning offical eOS rom for S7 and for the others are unofficial version available (when I remember right… but I do have Alzheimer :wink: )

Here it is again - our “language barrier”.

@harvey186 , I consider you a gifted ROM builder. But sometimes your self-designations are marginally acceptable.

@trefix, Yes, the e.browser is recommendable. After all I know: the e.browser is a “clean” Android browser.

But it is only offered by /e/ in /e/ ROMs so far. I assume that it will stay that way and the “Feature request on Gitlab” will lead a quiet existence.

Since the eOS license question is not clearly clarified, I assume that every private person can use the eBrowser with third party systems for personal use (derived from copyright law - private copy for personal use). Whether you want to use the eBrowser in LOSformicrog for your own use is your personal decision.

Another interesting Android browser is “Mull” - a privacy oriented and deblobbed web browser based on Mozilla technology and with Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. It enables many features upstreamed by the Tor Uplift project using preferences from ghacks-user js project. Proprietary blobs are removed.

Thanks a lot.

I will follow… ‘heu…’ search :wink: a link for Mull and test on my device.

I agree, because I don’t know what you are meaning with

I only want help that you can get eOS on your devices

I appreciate that, Sir!

It’s just - I don’t like your Alzheimer’s clownery. You don’t need that! Or was your last Tüte not of good quality …

ah, Ok, I’m sorry :frowning:

OK, ooookaaaayyyy… first Mount > check System then Back > File manager > System and I can create folders (two for e.browser…).