Where can I find apk file for /e/ app store?

Moto E 2015 surnia, same as mine…

P.S.: ‘mkdir’ Browser and BrowserWebView, then ‘copy file’ (from SD card) OK but ‘Browser stops…’ popup… Perhaps e.browser needs one more file…

Everything you need is in here

Mmmm… yes, I think I know :wink:

I think this will not be true and is a bit unfair towards /e/: they have already made their launcher available on F-droid, so i think it is reasonable to expect there will be others. I think the reason this has not happened so far is A) because of limited time for the small /e/ team, B) because the default apps are still all system apps, and so the team is unsure if/how they would work on Google’s Android. But the team is planning to ‘un-system’ the default apps, so they can be de-installed, so i think that when that happens, it is likely the team will put the apps on F-droid.

ps this link in my previous post is worth a read, it’s really cool to read about /e/'s plans !

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