Where is WiFi Calling setting

Hi, where is the ‘WiFi Calling’ setting ?, I cannot find it.

I wish to disable it (if its on), to try diagnose an echo issue, as posted here:


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Should be “VoLTE” from what I read.
Can’t find VoLTE-settings for that feature in my S7.
I assume that’s not implemented in /e/OS (?)
(Sems to be available in Stock-ROM though)

edit: cannot find it in in my S7 settings either (maybe carrier-dependant)

On my FP3 it is in Settings → Network → [Provider] → Advanced.
@obacht: VoLTE is a different setting as it is over LTE, not over WiFi.

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Thanks, yes, I got mislead somehow :expressionless:

On most of my ROMs Wi-Fi calling is under Settings → Network & internet → Mobile network. Then expand ‘Advanced’ and it is there. Android 8 thru 11.
Also from within the Phone app’s settings.
Not on my mata with /e/OS 1.8.1-q via either method though. Strange.

Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network > advanced > Calling

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But in my (S7) settings that option is missing, I only find … advanced > choose network automatically, choose network and APN

I checked that my carrier allows wifi calling, but I see no setting for wifi calling in Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network on Samsung A3 (2016).

I forget the exact details, but I experimented with an app “like” Linphone and was able to make calls, but I never pursued it.

I can now make what I assume amounts to “wifi calling” with Telegram.

Is /e/OS capable of engaging in wifi calling without a specific third party app ?

Thanks all, its not there on my Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F (settings\network and internet\mobile network\advanced)

I am with ee in the UK, VoLTE is supported from what I can read.

As an aside, I’ve wanted to get SIP working on my phone.
Reading ee community posts, it appears there is some confusion, VoLTE is 4G, which is LTE ?? … or is VoLTE voice data over a WiFi network, rather like an IP phone - which uses SIP, I am also confised … I have a SIP Softphone on my laptop, which connects to a VOIP Provider.
So does WiFi calling use my GSM provider (ee) to route calls received via a WiFi Router, in a similar manner to my VOIP Provider ?
I see my /e/OS has SIP Functionality built in:

I’ve tried it, but am getting time out errors, I will check my providers settings.

All Samsungs that I know of have no VoLTE in custom ROMs as of now, something about it being hard to port over from the stock ROM - it would need to be reimplemented as opensource package (last I read, someone has a go at this), so it’s disabled anyway, even if you do not find the menu.

yes, similar, but authentication/register and IP encapsulation is different, involves a lot more telco acronyms in the outer layers, but gets more similar towards the “call itself” - addressing and voice data. VoWifi will be ipsec tunneled, but inside that tunnel its VoIP - same session protocol, same stream protocol. The posts here goes into more detail:


Thanks, thats very helpful.

Now knowing that VoLTE is not going to be found on my Samsung means I can rule out the ‘Wifi Calling’ issue causing any echo.

I will pursue VOIP with my provider, as I pay for the service.

VoLTE and VoWifi overlap but are not the same, but concerning your issue - “Echo in Calls” you can think of them synonymous.

The echo issue must be rather due to audio policies, missing, using or not-using noise/echo-canceling libraries. The response by Manoj in your parallel echo threads are better pointers on this one.

I just noticed that that this has changed on my FP3 with rom version1.21

It is now Network and Internet > SIMs > Calling > WiFi calling.
There ia a call preference
Call over WiFi if WiFi is unavailable use mobile network
Call over mobile network, If mobile network is unavailable use WiFi