Which app for blocking trackers? TrackerControl? Blokada? Netguard? Shelter?

Hello everybody,
I am new to /e/ os and am thinking about using some old apps I had on the old goodle-android. These apps are important for me, since I like to use them during my leisure-time…
Now the /e/ os tells me, that these apps use trackers to companies I definately want to avoid. Are there any experiences about “TrackerControl”, “Blokada”, “Netguard”, “Shelter” on /e/ os in order to avoid trackers?
Your experiences are highly appreciated… :slight_smile:

Yes, there are a lot if posts about it. One for example is here TrackerControl — a way to neutralize in-app trackers

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Recently I wrote a post in another similar topic where I shortly describe the modern anti-tracking solutions and how each of them works.


Thanks for the Post-Link. Good overview :slight_smile:

we also have somewhere great post where every blocker and how it is working described. it’s a very detailed report, but I can’t find it :((

This is a good post, it should be sticky somewhere.

There is Lucky Patcher as well.

Thanks for your replies. I think I will try TrackerControl…

Unfortunately Netguard (and Tracker Control) both don’t run on some devices (including Fairphone 2) due to a bug in LineageOS (and therefore /e/). All internet traffic is blocked. (Why does NetGuard block all internet traffic?!)
I will wait for the next release of /e/ hoping that the bug will be gone.

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Reading the discussion I decided to check Tracker-Control. It is for me (as an average user) quite easy to handle. Most of the programs I use work fine when Trackers are blocked. Only a very few of my used apps need unblocking:

  • C:geo (Geocaching app): working slowly if totally blocked. So I unblocked
  • Imaging Edge Mobile: Action cam software from Sony. Not working at all if blocked. Since it uses the WLAN. So I unblocked
  • Tello Smartphone App: Uses the WLAN as well. Had to unblock.


wiw, what I spying / tracing app. Everyone will know where you are. Goodbye privacy

[quote=“Roger, post:9, topic:17905”]

  • Imaging Edge Mobile: Action cam software from Sony. Not working at all if blocked. Since it uses the WLAN. So I unblocked
    [/quote] I hope you will get some money from Sony for your data which the app is sending to Sony

you should block internet for it when not using. The Wifi is used for communication with the drone. So it can be cut when not flying he drone

In general I am offline when I am on the run. Means, I prefer apps that work offline. Like kiwix for wikipedia, OSMand for Navigation, etc…

Not that many worries about c:geo at all, since I only use the offline-features. I have a separate hiking navigation hardware. I load cgeo with data at home and use it entirely offline while I am on the run. Or am I forgetting something?

The other two:
Tello and Imaging Edge Mobile: I am thinking about using an old mobile phone to guide my drone…

I think you have forgotten how most trackers are working. They are collecting data also when offline. And as soon as they get web access they will send the offline collected data home. So it makes no difference if you work off or online

Alright, looks like I will use an old phone as geocaching-phone then… Thx.

Or maybe it is time to check another app as discussed before? “Shelter” for example…
Still learning about all these privacy things. But curious about…

Shelter is a good alternativ. But keep in mind, as more apps you have installed in shelter the more data will be collected.
Alternatives to to the drone appI think you won’t find. Same for action cam.
For hiking, there are some others app available.