Wich tablet can i use with e.os and has mobile internet?

Hi guys,

I´m thinking about the idea to use an old classical phone like Nokia with no Android/iOS or KaiOs and use a small tablet like 7 or 8 inch at home for my apps. It would be great if i can install LineagoOS or eOS on that tablet, so i can make this tablet UnGoogled.
On this way i can test eOS or LineageOS, and use my old phone when i have issues.
7 or 8 inch is also small enough to put it in a bag or use it for navigation? or when i need to use it outside my house.

But the Samsung Tablets in the list do not support mobile internet or have an simcard slot.

Do anyone know if there is a tablet where i can install one of the 2 OS above and has the possibillity to use with mobile internet? (Wifi with my phone is not an option)

Sorry for my english, but maybe good enough…

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Yoga Tab 3 LTE on eOS list and GAlaxy Tab S5e (LTE) on LOS both have mobile network but are too large for you at 10" .

Oneplus 7 pro phone has 6.67" display, almost a tablet! And Sony Xperia 10 plus is 6.5".

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GSMArena reports a 6.47" screen.
If the size is you only concern, as @chrisrg stated you could go for a OnePlus 7 Pro or a Sony Xperia 10 Plus (list is here, clic for advanced options below the search field then choose 6" as screen size).

I personally use a Xiaomi Mimix 2 (6") as roaming device and a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (WiFi) at home, and feel pretty comfortable with them.
I got the Xiaomi brand new and the Lenovo second hand, the whole thing costs me around 550€ including accessories (protections, OTG adapter, spare battery for the Xiaomi, …).

For many reasons, I really like your idea of using an old phone, but just a warning (that put me off when I tried): I was no longer able to use a phone keyboard to write SMS (at a convenient speed). And that promted me to move towards a touch screen device with /e/OS.

If there are any other solutions / suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them. Thank you

Hi @MichielP80,

I have found the suggestions from @anon48570964 very interesting …
You can have a look at the following post

and the complete thread …
It seems that would solve my concern about typing the SMS from an old phone versus using a larger touch screen, and perhaps can help you as well…

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