Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - Mido

LineageOS 15.1


??? What does this should mean

It means support for Oreo.

There are unofficial e-oreo versions available

This is always the same question that I have been asking since September 2018: in LineageOS Oreo is available. Will there be in /e/? When? Am I the only one interested? Why did Mido start with Nougat instead of Oreo, which was already available in September 2018?
Why the unofficial /e/-Oreo version been unofficial for months? What’s the problem?
If nobody is interested in /e/-Oreo for Mido, just know it. That’s why i inserted this smarphone in this section: with the aim, as explained by @Manoj, to count the preferences

answer :wink: Nougat is the version with which e will go “live”, because they want have a stable version for a big number of devices. After v1 is “live” the developer will take resources to go next step - oreo or pie or what ever


So whenever you have chance, after V 1 line, please go directly to PIE. I just want to leave lineage Os with microg (mido) because its development is left.

There is an unofficial e-pie v7 available for mido

Thanks for the info.
But i d prefer regular updates. So it need to be Official.

Thanks again

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Yes I ve been from LineageOSmicroG 15.1. but the development is not going to Pie.

As far as i know, there is a maintainer for the pie version, so updates are available.
But when you will stay on oreo or nougat, it’s ok

Can you please provide the link of maintainer of /e/ PIE.

In the moment no new xiaomi builds, because of missing sources

even without this temporary block, the Mido has not been updated for some time… Xiaomi Mido: LineageOS 14.1 EOL

it is not the same thing because LOS nougat does not receive security updates since feb 2019

We are working on setting up a process by which devices will receive security updates even when LOS has stopped the same. Will update once the infrastructure is in place.

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sorry but if there’s unofficial Oreo for some time, unofficial Pie, what are we waiting for? that someone with the Nougat terminal without a security patch is attacked? according to you, can there be privacy if there is no security?

so what are we waiting for?

cool down :wink: e.foundation is working an that issue and regarding security, I’m using android since froyo and I never was hacked. My actual phone has old patches and SeLinux is turned off. I’m not open any unknown mails/attachments and I don’t install any apk from unknown sources. If you do this, there is not hurry to get always the newest security patches. It’s the same with antivirus apps It’s all making panic. If you look what you do and what you are installing on your phone, nothing will happens.

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