Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 reboot all alone


I installed /e/ v0.17 on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo).
I have a problem of untimely reboot. The phone restarts by itself almost every two days…

It’s a fresh install with some apps added. (blokada, signal, timelimit, anysoft keyboard, nextratck, aurora store, f-droid and some secuso games)

Did someone experienced this problem ?
What can I do to solve it ? (Firmware, remove apps…)
Any idea is welcome.



I dont know timelimit and secuso games … May be try to remove them, at first ?
Other apps are commonly used by others, nobody mention unexpected reboot.

Latest firmware for your device is here : Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) Firmware Downloads | Xiaomi Firmware Updater
You didn’t mention the Android version (Pie, Q, …) : for Q (10) you should at least have V12.0.1.0 (Global).
V12.0.5.0 (Global) would be your best choice, V11.0.11.0 (Global) for Pie (9).

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I have Q (10) version.

To flash the firmware, do you have any procedure ?
I installed /e/ recovery. Maybe I need TWRP ?


Ok, flashed.
Wait and see.

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Too bad. :frowning:
The phone rebooted by it self this morning…

Is there any way (logs for exemples…) to determine the root cause ?

Thanks for the help.

Hi, @xlbt youu could try this

Thanks for your answer.

I already made logs with adb but as the reboot happens randomly, it’s difficult to have the phone connected all the time to my desktop.

My question was about other methods to have logs. Bug report, maybe ?
Is it usefull for this kind of problem ?
I generated one. But what is interesting to look in these files generated ? It talks about a lot of things…
And I suppose some errors are “normal”…

Maybe, I will reinstall from scratch and not install any soft, to see if the problem is present with defaut installation. (to bad, I really wanted to have at least Signal and Blokada…)


Bonjour (I’m French and I used DeepL for the translation)
I have encountered this problem with a redmi note 8. Untimely restarts, but I had managed to understand when the restart was happening. Indeed, my phone would restart when I lost the mobile network.
I tried several rom :
E = KO
Lineageos = KO
CRdroid = KO
CarbonRom = OK
Today, I use Carbonrom on which I installed NanoDroid.
It’s working and I don’t have any reboot.

Bonjour, ( I am also French. :wink: )

Thank you for your feedback.

I have indeed noticed that the reboot happens often when leaving my home. I thought it was the loss of wifi, but not necessarily the loss of the mobile network.
Our experiences seem to confirm a problem specific to the Redmi Note 8…

Ouch, /e/ team, did you hear about this bug ?

Thank you.

pl can you raise a bug reg this with logs if possible…will ask the ROM Maintainer look into it


I opened an issue here : Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 restarts by itself (#3558) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

I decided to connect the phone to a laptop and make the rest of the day like that.
Fortunately, I’m travelling by car… so I made a logcat file like this.
The log stops abruptly when the phone rebooted after connected to my wifi when arrived at home…

I hope someone will find a solution to this bloking problem.


One or two devices have had an issue of crashing when connecting to some routers. You might be able to do some research combining the ideas of switching off WiFi as you leave and enter your home. In this testing report Testing Samsung A3 (2016) a3xelte January 2021 Oreo "dev" build, I did such experiments and found a “soft” technique for starting WiFi.

Not very practical in daily use, but might allow more organised collection of logcat.

Very interesting input from @christianrablay. If mobile connection might be the issue - is there any evidence that mobile data, is the issue. So, in this case, is the phone capable of running and working for extended periods if mobile data is off. One could further extend this research using no SIM card or a different SIM card. Just testing ideas to think about adding to the bug report!

The other approach is to think of the install method - was the phone fully “Xiaomi” updated before the /e/ install?

Bon chance


I tested when living home, the phone restarts after loosing the wifi…

And I tested with an other sim card from an other carrier, the phone restarts too.



Following Christian’s advice, I tried CarbonROM. Indeed, no more reboot problems.

I still tried to switch the phone back to MIUI (last version, Q) to be fully “Xiaomi” updated. No problem with MIUI, but as soon as I reinstalled /e/, the reboots came back… :frowning:

As the phone must be available quickly for the person for whom it is intended, I had to resign myself to install CarbonROM.
Too bad for /e/, a phone that is supposed to be supported and that reboots regularly, it’s not possible…


Mmmm, Mmmm …

It seems to come from LineageOS.

I haven’t had these issues with Redmi Note 8T (willow), which uses same ginkgo image. Have you ever upgrade fw of device?

I bought a new Redmi 8T as I want to leave Google android…
I success in instaling /e/ but, as others, it reboot randomly and relatively frequently (from 1 time/3 days to many times the same day).
The installaion was new, no other apps than the one of the installer.
Everything seems ok except th reboot. After weeks of try, wait for update in /e/ etc… I finally desisted.Very sorry for that, I hope you can solve this issue as I was very happy with /e/ and didn’t find any cellphone with characteristic as good as the Redmi 8T (autonomy, sd card, jack, nfc, b28 band for french Free operator…).
Hope to come back when an equivalent phone is available in /e/

It was a Remi NOTE 8T, not a Redmi 8T as written in my first message

Hi everyone, thanks to the e-OS team.
Just to report too that I own a Redmi Note 8T and that I have random reboots too.
It doesn’t really bother me, so I am not going to swap ROMs or do any work on it. I’ll just let it reboot.
If it gets sorted out in future updates, all the better. If not, not a problem.

I have an issue like @xlbt describes.
I identified that my Redmi Note 8 (Ginko) crash and reboot when there is no GSM network (for example in train…)

When the phone is in plane mode it does not crash.

This bug is very problematic and the phone is almost unusable…