Can't read mails anymore

Since I updated to e os 1.18 yesterday the default mail client doesn’t let me open any mail anymore.

On tap it switches to a different view for a split second and then back to previous view (list). Tried deleting cache but didn’t help.

How to downgrade that app?

I just read about k9 and thunderbird and to me it looks like mail version 6.711 was/is released as a beta which makes me questioning, why this version is in e os at all!? :-/

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I would suggest you to clean the app cache in the System settings since this is the typical reason for something doesn’t work after an update.

If this doesn’t help it would be a good idea to export all your Mail app settings (the accounts) into a file and to delete the entire app data in the System settings. This makes the app like freshly installed. After this you can reimport your settings again.

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Clearing cache did not help as written.
Was afraid of not working export import settings but gladly after clearing app data this worked.


BTW: Having an export file with the mail accounts on a safe place is always a good idea. I do also save calendar events and contacts in files.


And it does not work again…
Didn’t change anything!

Glad I decided to install og k9 as well so at least I do have a workaround.

could be related to advanced-privacy fake IP
(try to unselect the Mail App from the advanced-privacy list)

i personnaly been banned by my Mail-provider, i had to unlock the account in their web interface.

Same experience as @CaseSensitive with mail-App on FP4 after upgrade to e/os 1.18.
Original K9 on the same device works flawlessly.
@piero s hint did not help unfortunately.

My stock Mail app (I don’t use it normally) does work as it did before also on 1.18 on my FP3. I can receive (I have IMAP servers only), I can read the message bodies, I can send. But in my case Advanced Privacy is off.

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I can’t read my mails anymore too with the Murena FP3, this is bad.

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Interestingly, I could restore the mail app functionality by clearing the app storage and cache (as mentioned in this thread) and adding the mail accounts back manually, i.e., without a using a mail settings backup. (I did not lose any mails in the process because they are kept on the mail servers in my configuration.)
Still, this is just a workaround for a problem that I hope will be fixed by the /e/OS developers. In fact, another user has already opened a bug report here (issue #7624).

Note that Advanced Privacy - tracker protection is active on my device, but hide my ip is inactive (probably similar to @irrlicht’s configuration).

EDIT: The problem has reapparead after a couple of days, reason unknown! See my comment below.

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Good to know ! Anyway you’ve lost me at “clearing the app storage” because my head is already full right now. I am gonna use a computer until it is working.


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Interesting. This means that the app in it’s current version can’t read configuration data from the older version, at last under some conditions. Not good at all. Of course this export/import action does also not work when the basic data are not good.

Versioning is often a source of problems. It can take years until developers finally understand the need of concrete version numbers of their own code after making changes and until they introduce proper transformation algorithms wherever they are needed, especially in the own data files and in all interfaces and protocols to the outside world. You don’t learn this at school, you always learn this by pain (and related to the pain the user is often involved).

When you have a configuration that works now you should make an export file again and put it on a safe place to have one for the next time.

I used the settings backup with regular k9 mail from f droid and disabled og mail app. Works.

Idk but as already said, that mail version has beta status. Maybe don’t use beta status software in e.

Then maybe don’t use /e/OS at all according to - F.A.Q - question “Is /e/OS stable?” :wink: .

(Hint: It currently says “we’re in beta stage at the moment”.)

Yeah OK. I guess yur right. =D

But I have to say e didn’t feel like beta software for me for a long time so I forgot I guess

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Isn’t it stable since v1 ?

My take would be that software nowadays can never be considered stable in the sense of the word outside of heavily regulated areas in this regard like e.g. aviation.

Apart from that, “stable” is a label you can slap on software things as you see fit.
And v1.0 is such a label, too. Did anything change fundamentally on the user front with /e/OS 1.0 regarding glitches, bugs and the like?

These labels serve as a kind of internal tags on one side, distinguishing one thing from the other in development, as well as on the other side they might be used for marketing or communication purposes.

Don’t take any functionality for granted, have a plan B for important use cases, and back up your important data often :wink: .


Strangely, the e-mail problem has reapparead after a couple of days, reason unknown! Even resetting the mail app is therefore only a temporary solution. I hope that the problem will be fixed in the next update. As a workaround, I still have K9 installed, which works as expected. (So there’s hope that the mail app will be fixed because it is based on K9 :wink: :slight_smile: )

EDIT: Well, I sent an e-mail for the first time after resetting the app, maybe this caused the problem? I don’t know.

Forget the Mail app. Use something else [1]. I did that two years ago when I noticed that the stock Mail app didn’t reconnect to the servers after flight mode and remained hanging in a zombie state until you noticed the mysterious quietness and had a look at it. (Meanwhile this bug seems to be solved.)

[1] Use the original K-9 or, if you want to make a step, Fairemail which is a very solid piece of software. I never had any problem with it since then.

Same situation impossible to read emails on same device (FFP4)
No solution yet…
I use k9mail for other purpose and dont want tomix my emails pro and perso