Contacts gone after update to v1.0

After updating my S7 to /e/OS 1.0 all my contacts are gone. I guess they are still saved somewhere, cause when I looked at the history of calls for the first time after the update it showed numbers+name. After restarting the phone the names are gone.

Does anybody has an idea how to fix this?

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What adressbook do you use for your contacts?
Are they stored locally on the phone?
Or in some account that is synced externally via e.g. webdav (carddav)?
In the latter case the issue might be somewhere in the account settings or the like. (?)

I’m using the contact app that comes with e/OS.
The contacts were stored locally in the phone.

I’ve tried everything in the settings without success…

Same thing happened to me after S7 upgrade to 1.0. I do not have a solution. I am not sure where the local contacts are stored in the filesystem. Read somewhere on the internet about a contacts.db file, but I cannot locate it.

I would expect the database of Contacts to be within the /data partition. I do not expect to be able to search the /data partition with ordinary user interface tools.

My question is; is Contacts the only app which has lost its data? In general were most of your settings and stored data preserved satisfactorily over the upgrade?

Had you synced your contacts with eCloud, or were you running the device with no eCloud account added?

Other settings were lost as well like ringtones, which is not a big deal. And of course the signal app didn’t work anymore (a known s7 update issue) and had to be reinstalled.

I’m running my phone without ecloud, so unfortunately no sync files…

Thank you @wover, so at least 2 bits of data got lost from phone and contacts. As you say, Signal is a different known issue.

I guess what I am trying to tease out, is whether all data was lost – a serious issue – or if the failure was limited to phone and contacts.

Is there any clue that

  • other data or
  • any data

was preserved over the Upgrade?

You will be aware that “internal storage” should be untouched by the Upgrade, so “your stuff” like photos should have survived anyway.

The issue is about “data within apps”.

If you have a Windows computer available, usually MyPhoneExplorer is pretty good with finding contacts on the phone, it can also distinguish between different storage places for contacts.
Perhaps you could try whether it still somehow can find contacts on your phone.

I could say exactly the same things as @wover . Pictures are still around, but many names in the contacts app / phone book (whatever it is) are gone. Call history is still there, but whereas it used to say contact names next to who the calls were going to/from, now it’s just a number. WhatsApp shows numbers for some, but some of them are also just numbers.

I don’t know that I have a way to validate this hypothesis rigorously, but I think newer contacts are messed up, and contacts that I transferred to the phone from my old phone are still intact.

(note: here’s another thread with the same issue: Small issues with 1.0 (loss of contacts and no camera on lock screen?))

OK, but this suggests that /data was not lost; but perhaps, the Contacts failed to transition fully from Android 7 to Android 10.

I’ve tried myphoneexplorer without success

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The fact that call history showed contacts (numbers + names) right after the update I’d interpret as a clue that the data was preserved somehow.

Internal storage is still there.

I figured out I still had most of my contacts saved on the sim. So luckily I’m not that lost anymore :wink:

I too have lost all my contacts since the update. I don’t remember where they were stored but the call history shows only numbers and not names.

What can I do ? What happened ?

With this number of report of the same issue – on the same device, one of you might consider to Report an issue.

Maybe the issues should be searched first, but I think you have a singular issue that “Contacts fail to transition during Samsung S7 OTA upgrade”

haven’t seen it posted yet - the issue was filed by a Murena employee at


I just upgraded the S7 of my brother and we have the exact same problem. Contacts disappeared, they briefly appeared when scrolling call history for the first time. Any solution?

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