Crossed Out 4G Symbol in GT-9195

Crossed Out 4G Symbol appeared on my S4-mini which uses the


Also wifi tells that there is a connection limited.
Can somebody help ?

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This seems to be happening with some older builds. The elements in common seem to be an Android version of Android 8 (Oreo) to Android version 11 (R) and a build date often from 2021 - 2022. An issue was raised on Gitlab Please add your experience.

On the forum

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Thank you.
I found an updated version of the e/OS for my old S4-mini.
I will check.

I installed the last version of the OS
on my GT-I9195.
This solve the problem for the Wifi but not for the 4G.

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same thing recently appeared (a couple of weeks ago), even if LTE works !
same device (gt-i9195) and build (e-0.18-r-20210814-UNOFFICIAL-mini-serranoltexx) that i use since its release.

The problem is more complex. Indeed when there is not SIM card inside the telephone wifi works very well. Whereas when I put inside the SID card then Wifi says ‘‘limited connection’’ and G4 symbols is crossed.
Very strange

thanks to @tcecyk @aibd @poiuzzz @4nthony for the solution