CUSTOM BUILD - Android 10 (Q) eOS GSI

How is it possible to get rid of the horrible bootloader images and return the system font to default?

Than you have to wait several month til eOS will share a GSI

But you csn remove the from /system/media folder
and I think there are some apps with which you can change system fonts

And by the way, noone force you to use my GSI with hus ‘horrible’ bootanimation

Thanks ill give that a go.

No force needed, I’m using it, just stating the boot animation is horrible which is my personal taste

Are you talking about a Gogol trade mark logo at boot ? or the « che / rainbow / peace and love » animation ?
that i found more « kitch » than « horrible »
I feel a warm sweet young reminiscence taste …

about this. It’s from my lovely flower power area :slight_smile:

I don’t won’t to use my 161 bootanimation :wink:

Yeah its not to my taste, I don’t accept the symbolism, no bearing on the GSI image itself.

It is unofficial custom build

Indeed, with feedback from a user

:laughing: I’ll do test it soon !

That was not a feedback, it was a. …

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I think we better stop discussing about this custom bootanimation,
it is off topic

The :wink: is there :

/system/media folder/


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How is stating the bootloader animation is horrible not feedback?

I’m not forcing you to change it

@Manoj could you pls make this post as a wiki, so I can edit the first post ?

Done. Pl check and let me know in case of issues.

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i would like you to continue the android 9 project would be very good because it contains some bugs and is one of the gsi that i use most

If I will have some time left, I will build some new set of pie GSI. But my building maschine is offline and I have to buy an other one.

By the way, have you tried the Q-GSI? It often works fine with pie vendor sources.


You mean your Q-gsi works as Pie ones ?

Don’t already tested, but my new device (sm-a3y17lte) would runs a-only ‘pie’ (with treble and gsi patch) or a/b-Q with H-Vendor. I will test soon…

My Redmi Note 6 pro has the pie vendor firmware and my q-GSI is running very well on it.
On my MiMax3 the same, but I have had camera issues which I could solve with China Q-vendor sources.

So the chance running Q GSI with Pie firmware is high

Thanks, I will try an share on my Samsung thread.

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