E drive has stopped error

Since a couple of versions of /e/ I get an error in my screen saying that /e/ drive has stopped. I get this error multiple times a day. I don’t use /e/ drive, but still it’s a bit annoying. I get the error in multiple situations like opening the screen or during app use. Does some1 know how to stop this?

BTW, my phone is a pocophone.

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Hi @Eelo pl can you raise a bug in gitlab with a log. We had some other users complain of this issue but the dev team needs a log to understand what is causing this problem .
In your bug please share details of the phone, /e/ build number, if you have an /e/ ID , if you have connected any other account to your phone…any other detail you can share.

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Ok I will try but this will mean having my laptop and adb ready until it happens again :see_no_evil:

@Manoj I think there are now around 100 users with that issue and everyone makes a new post. Pls. make an Announcement, that e.drive issue is know.


@Eelo pls, could you do us a favor ? Pls search the forum for your question. There are several posts regarding e.drive stopping.

Thanks in advanced

Right but we still have not got a bug in Gitlab with the logs.

Well the problem is that this error occurs randomly during the day. So I would have to take my laptop with me everywhere I go in order to get a logfile. Today I don’t have to work, so the chance is bigger that I have a laptop available.

BTW, I’m sorry that this error was mentioned already, I’ve searched this forum before posting and it didn’t find anything. Apparently I haven’t looked good enough.

Hi @Eelo, You can generate the log at the end of the day. The details will still be there.
We have had random reports of this bug. I had requested on the channel for a bug report as well as on the forum but as yet have not seen a bug filed may be because of the randomness of the issue users were finding it difficult to put in a report.
We had a discussion on this in the dev team and the developers have been pinging me if a log could be arranged to debug this issue. If you could generate one maybe by end of day today or when ever you are free and attach the entire logcat to it ,we should have the details to work on.

I’ve just gotten the error and posted the logfile I created after that, on gitlab.

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Thanks saw the update with the log and will pass it on to dev team.

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Great I hope it will help u guys with fixing the error!

just fyi, seeing the same error, thanks for taking initiative and reporting this!

Hello, I have the same problem. I sent logs to this issue https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/devices/proprietary_vendor_samsung/issues/2 Is it ok ?