/e/ Drive stopped working

Good afternoon CET :slight_smile:

I do not use /e/ Drive, never connected or created any account, but it sounds to be lauched by the OS because I have several “/e/ Drive stopped working” (or something quite similar) several times on my device.

How can I prevent it to be started (directly fro the phone if possible) ? I could not find it in the applications list.

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Which device and software version are you using? I was seeing that pop-up then the latest OTA for my device came and now its stopped.

Hello, I have the same problem with my Samsung S7, currently on the version 0.7-2019082020896 ; I believe that it’s the latest. I would be happy that “/e/ Drive stopped working” stop pop-up too. Thanks.

@Manoj could you please make an announcement, that there are issues using e.drive ? On all channels we get this info / question regarding e.drive stop working message. thx

I’m on a Nexus 5x (latest /e/ version) and I also get the “/e/ Drive stopped working” message from time to time. It doesn’t bother me at all.

Hi everyone
I notice the same on Sumire (Sony Z5)

All please raise a bug with the issue details and logs. I have been asking some users on the channel to raise a bug but the same has not been created as yet to the best of my knowledge. One of you can raise the issue and others can add their comments and logs to it.
Please add device, OS, build details.
I had raised this issue with the development team and they were waiting to have a look at the logs on the issue.
Please raise the bug here
To generate logs use details given here

Hello Manoj,

Many thanks for your answer, I will do that this evening CET.

I have several ones to declare also, I hope this will help.

Have a nice day !

Eric D. J.

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Same issue here. Just started in the last two updates.

  • 0.7-2019090322469
  • 0.7-2019082121020

I will find the issue in Gitlab and send some logs - however, it would be nice to have the choice of a single account for both forums and Gitlab, yes?

Hello !

Just to tell you I just opened a Ticket for this issue.

Its reference is « e/devices/proprietary_vendor_samsung#2 »

Many thanks for your help.



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pour Windows 10

Hello !
Same problem here on my Xiaomi redmi note 4 since…july maybe ?
Thanks for opening the case !

This has stopped happening for me in the last couple of updates.
Fixed, IMO.