Samsung Galaxy A3 restarts when connected to WLAN

Hey Guys,

since yesterday I´m using /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy A3 - model: SM-A310F.
When I connect to my WLAN at home first time, the phone restarted endless, till I shut down wlan on the router.

I don´t know how, but sometimes i´m connected to wlan and everything was fine.

Today I turned off wlan on the phone and turned on again, so the restart horror began again!
To delete the my wlan completely from the phone and typed in the netkey again didn´t work.

Do you have any idea what I can do?
Do you need further infos from the phone or system? Pls let me know.



Hi, I think you should report the issue on the GitLab in order to add the issue at the device informations. More details of the process here.

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Anyone else got this issue?
@Adriano you have a Samsung A3 2016 or 2017 ?
Did you create an issue on Gitlab ?

Did you update to the last version?

I use Samsung A3 2016.
In the meantime I know 2 other guys with the same problem.
We communicate on this topic: Problem installing /e/ on Samsung A3 2016
An other of us created also a github issue.
I installed some earlier updates till beginning May. But the problem was not solved.
Today I will update to the latest version.

Same issue on Samsung J7 2015 J700M.
As a side note, although I didn’t have boot loops, I also used to have problems remaining connected to WLAN on other custom 7.1 ROMs, but NOT on 6.0 or 7.0. what might have changed between 7.0 and 7.1? Possibly help in investigating.

Hi Guys,

I saw that there is a solution for the wifi Problem.

When will we get the update on Samsung Galaxy A3?

@rhunault @Manoj

Please can you share the device codes for the device. The reason is we were trying to build /e/ for some of these devices using updated code and it was throwing errors as in saying that it was not supported.
You can get the device code by typing this on an adb enabled PC connected to your phone.

adb shell getprop ro.product.device

Hi Manoj,

adb says the device code for my phone is a3xeltexx.

I hope you´ll find a solution. If I can help you once more, please let me know.