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May I introduce this recent post Unable to finish /e/ installation on Samsung Galaxy S8 as a well written case study of the events which have been observed by quite a number of users of Easy Installer, where the OP is given insufficient information to break the inbuilt Samsung design security.

While this is a serious issue I raise it here in the context of broader Documentation.

I believe the Easy Installer is deficient in not saying something like this:

  • Your Samsung device has reported to us that TRRP was successfully installed.
    The key combination Volume down + Power on it’s own will cause your phone to reboot and the device will over-write TWRP back to original, preventing the install of /e/, without further warning.

  • Please now Force stop the phone (in the current “Download mode” never mind the message stating that it shall not be turned off!)
    Use Volume down + Power to force stop.
    Attend carefully, keep holding the buttons - it may take about 7 seconds, the instant the screen goes black (black as in off) and before the device starts to restart,
    instantly change the finger press to Volume up + Bixby + Power,
    be prepared for another 7 second hold without relaxing, TWRP will start.

Now I am saying that a good part of that should be written into the Easy Installer UI, but I am bringing it up here in the broader context of better documentation for all users.

A thing that makes this worse for /e/ is that while LineageOS can write as a “Software project”, /e/ is also actively a “Hardware project”.

/e/ has a duty of care to users to provide essential information.

Hi aibd,

I completely agree that such info would be very helpful. I’d even be more specific on this step:

instantly change the finger press to Volume up + Bixby + Power

“instantly (within 0,3 sec) change the finger press to Volume up + Bixby + Power…”
If the phone starts showing the battery level, it’s already too late and you have to start over.



In Windows, if Easy Installer seems to fail in Fastboot mode and you get a small orange warning triangle in Windows Device Manager be to be sure to fix the Windows warning first.

This issue has arisen in GS290 recently and Fairphone

Easy Installer temporary fix:

  1. Test reliable wording for all devices.
  2. Make the documentation visible.