Easy Installer (stable) OS versionea

I see under the Smart Phone Selector page the phones that come with the ‘Easy Installer’ Stable /e/OS versions, maybe I am lazy/short on time.

The Easy Installer worked perfect last time, first time on my Samsung S7.

However it is time to get a more up to date model, I see the Google Pixel 4a (R) and Samsung Galaxy S9 (Q).
However, do I read it right that the S9 has an older version of /e/OS, compared to the Pixel 4a ?
I can’t easily find a table or description to help me decipher what is the difference between versions.

It has been stated on here that my S7 is quite a dated phone, so I am aware that the next phone should be as up to date as I can get it.

An are there also statistics available to show which is the more popular phone with /e/OS ?

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Thanks, is that list for ‘Dev’ versions ??
I am really interested in Stable versions.

But interesting to see the phones I list above (Galaxy S9 and Pixel 4a) upgrading to ‘T’, how long does it take for a Dev version to become a Stable version.

This would then supercede the S7 and S8 current version ?

I’m still none the wiser as to what the difference is between the /e/OS versions though, and do these versions base themselves on an Android version number, and if so is there a table or info to show that ?

Generaly About a month



If it takes about a month, any explanation why Pixel 4a still has no stable Android S?:thinking:

Wow - a comprehensive answer, thanks.

Maybe this is a question for another thread, I have been advised on here that my Samsung Galaxy S7 is a little old in the tooth, and should be replaced, no specific reason was given.

Looking at a Galaxy S9, that is only 2 years younger, so should I expect to replace that in 2 years time ? my only concern with an older device is security, I can livce without fancy new features, I just need a phone really - with maybe some internet capabilities … browsing, email and some apps.

Am I right that - although Samsung stopped its 4 years support and updates, /e/ OS incorporates up to date security patches.

I am sure this has been explained to me before:

but does /e/ OS sit on top of any Samsung software, and if so, is it that software which is not being upgaded, and hence why it is advisable to upgrade ?

Looking through the ‘Smartphone Selector’ I see lots of supported devices much older than my S7, in my post above it is written:

… little confused why - apart from the echo issue

much older phones (S4 is 2013) some say works fine, I do note that @piero advises not to use the phone to its full capacity … I am interested to know what you wouldn’t install/do/run on such an old phone.

I personally like the older phones, as they are smaller, and its environmentally better to re-use things for longer.

Can’t remember where i could have writed that.

Limits are hardware : some games will not run because of capability, too much apps installed will take all space in the allocated physical memory.

You can see my link here:

So installing /e/OS on a old phone like the S4 is still secure, just not very fast/nimble ?

Regards security of the phone, and how vulnerabilities are dealt with - I probably need to go do some more reading on where /e/ OS sits in the layer cake, if there is one.

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