Facebook messager

So I really want to delete my Facebook completely and stop using the messenger app. But keep getting the benefits of the app. I have friends that won’t get another app just because I’m degoogling if anyone knows an app or away to do this please share

Hi. Just check the f-droid repository and you will come scross several fadebook wrappers. Thoae are apps giving you acess to facebook without sharing a lot of personal information from your phone. App those apps i am thibkkng of are open source. Facebook still is a creepy thing but like this you xan still have access but with the least impact on your privacy.
Myself i am using Frost (for Facebook) but fhere ae othees such as FaceSlim, SlimSoxoal or Tinfoill for Facebook… Just try them and select the one you le most.

Is it possible to use fdroid within shelter? In that case those facebook apps could be installed in sort of a container.

No idea if fdroid can be installed in a container. But I do not see a need for it it is a repository of open source apps.
And if you install apps as I mentioned above, such as Frost or FaceSlim, you do not need a container either. The apps are open source, so they do not grasp personal data from your phone (only what you type in).